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    Why wont my brand new 650d camera detect my brand new sdhc uhs-1 card

    I have just purchased this brand new camera & brand new sd card, camera advising can not access sd card, live in the country so getting to support will be a couple of weeks away, does anyone have any suggestions, the write protect is in the off possition.
  2. M

    Cameras that can edit pictures

    hi i bought a panasonic lumix g3 thinking i'd be able to edit photos in camera using the camera functions. I am so dissapointed as it does not seem to be able to do this can any help me? :cry: thanks hopefully
  3. S

    Card Write Protected help

    Hello, I have a Canon xsi and I when I turned it on my screen read "Card Write Protected" so I checked my other SD cards (I have two 8GB, one 16GB and one 4 GB) and all of them said this. I use my camera frequently so I don't know why this suddenly started happening. Yes, I check for the damn...
  4. J


    What slr digital camera delivers the crispest,clearest,cleanest photos hands down for macro work ? NO video capture required. TY
  5. H

    Pre-digital Era Lenses interchangable with digital

    I have a zoom lense for my old OM10 SLR. Will it work on a new digital camera and which one?
  6. S

    Digital camera with manual focus ring

    Please suggest a Digital camera with manual focus ring (as in SLR) but low in cost. thanks and regards, Santosh
  7. A

    Why my lense canon 18-55 camera cant spin right to sarch a focus in mode AF

  8. V

    I need to know good places to buy a Canon t3i

    I am trying to buy a Canon EOS Rebel T3i body with a canon 50mm f/1.8 lens. However, I am a bit stuck on where to buy it from. Adorama sells its used for a nifty price, but I can't really know how used it is until I get it. B&H has the lens used so I can get what I want for about $645. I am...
  9. S

    Rebel XTi Won\'t turn on

    Why won't it turn on? The battery is fully charged
  10. A

    Canon EOS Rebel digital

    I am borrowing a Canon EOS Rebel (probably the earliest version) from a friend of mine and need to get my pictures off of the camera and onto my laptop, but all i have is the usb cord that she sent with it. My computer keeps coming up saying that it does not have the driver that is needed. I...
  11. J

    Canon EOS 8.0MP Rebel XT - YES OR NO?!!!

    Windows 7 driver?
  12. XAKEP

    More and More confusing......

    Needless to say today there are simply too many options for someone who starting with pretty much ANYTHING , cars, phones, tablets and yes including DSLRs , may be even more. So I'll be quick to give you main points and we'll see how it goes. First and most important my budget is around $850...
  13. E

    How to install my nikon coolpix

    Hello, When I plug my camera (Nikon Coolpix L120) my Compaq laptop doesn't seem to notice it. When I click on 'Scanners and Cameras' nothing comes up. It says maybe I should insert the disk to install, but I can't find it?
  14. M

    Canon 10d drivers for windows 7 home premium

    Anyne please help me, can't download images from my camera, Canon EOS 10d. Do you have a driver for this camera?
  15. L

    How do you unprotect a sim card of a camera

    Hello, i have a Vivitar cam and every time i want to take a picture it says card procted what do i do
  16. C

    Olympus E-300 focusing problem

    I have a olympus E-300 which I dropped. Now it makes a noise like it is focusing but it doesn't. I bought a new(used) lens but the problem persists. Does any one know if this is repairable or any ideas on what could be wrong? Thanks!!
  17. E

    CANON t2i 550D "Card write protected" for every sd card

    Hello, My Canon T2i comes up with the error "card write protected" for every sd card i put in. I checked all the cards its not the switch on the side. I ordered the replacement piece to change out the reader. Does anyone know how to replace or fix the issue? thanks
  18. A

    white spot on digital photo

    Hello, I purchased a new Nikon d3000 three months ago and started shooting with this weekend. I noticed when I look thru the rear element into the front there is a white dot that appears in even light. After taking photos with and without flash, on color, black, and white subjects, the dot...
  19. S

    Dslr lens broken?

    Hello, Currnetly i have the rebel xsi. When I look through my lens, all i see is black is it broken?
  20. G

    Canon Releases EOS M Digital SLR Camera

    If you just don't want to deal with the weight of DSLR cameras, but want to take advantage of different lens capabilities, this is about as good as it gets. Canon Releases EOS M Digital SLR Camera : Read more
  21. P

    Sony memory stick pro duo showing format error

    Hello, Is there any way to save my pictures on my 1GB memory stick pro duo which indicates "format error" on my sony 717 camera?
  22. M

    What does error 99 mean on canon eos rebelxti

    what does error 99 mean on a rebel xti canon rebel
  23. G

    Canon help desk com

    I have a canon 550 d although am using a fast card 10 party , when trying to use video it keeps stopping automaticaly with a similar message , and camera not hot but just switched . Can you help me please . Peter
  24. O

    Bulb with yongnuo rf-602 on d5000

    Is there a way to use rf-602 for bulb mode without keeping pressing the button? I read something about making it open the shutter when pressed once and close it when pressed the second time
  25. D

    Do you leave the nikon d50 on while charging via a usb port?

    do you need to leave the nikon d50 camera on while charging via a usb port?
  26. B

    I need to to talk to a digital camera expert

    My son and wife just came home from Hawaii; thay had a couple hundred pictures on their canon digital camera. Not one picture shows up. What can they do? They say they did not delete them.
  27. E

    350D - one seriously miniature camera

    lost my dpp softwear disk for eos 350d. my compact flash reader hs broken, and i want to reinstal canon dpp softwear.
  28. K

    Web camera software for windows 7 SANSUNG laptop

  29. D

    Nikon d300 repair forum

    The selector button on the back of the camera allowing you to maneuver through the menu and review images broke off. I have a new selector switch but there is a cylindrical plastic piece with what appears to be a washer around the end that the central pin of the selector button fits into to keep...
  30. N

    Canon gives busy message

    When I try and take a pic with my Canon Rebel T1i I get a busy message and it won't take the pic. Seems like it won't focus? Any help would be much appreciated.
  31. W

    Why wont my 500d camera detect the sd card

    Hello, My SD card isn't being recognised in my Cannon 500D. I've reformatted the card on the computer and it still won't work. What else can i do? It's never done this before.
  32. a little black duck

    Glass or Body?

    Hello folks A few years back I decided to get back into photography after a 20 year break (much had changed in that time) and after reading countless reviews I purchased a Nikon D40x (many reviews suggested this was a good entry level dslr) with a couple of kit lenses. Quickly grew tired of the...
  33. D


    Hi, I have a lens that is about a year old - been using it regularly with no problems. 18mm-250mm with my EOS 50D. All of a sudden it stopped working, I get an error message when I press the shutter button, to check the connection to the camera. I disconnect the lens and wipe it off, put it back...
  34. B

    Canon EOS T3 Error

    I have a 1 year old Canon Rebel EOS T3. Recently, I found that when I try to select several of the modes with the Mode Dial I cannot select all the options; i.e. when I select the Portrait Mode on the dial, the viewfinder shows options for the Creative Auto Mode. The camera functions in the...
  35. A

    How to remove the write protection of a disc

    How do I remove a write protection on a disc for my digital camera?
  36. S

    Ask camera expert

    Hi As a beginner,need your expert advice on whether to buy SLR camera or pro-SLR... Please suggest some having >12 mp, >30optical zoom Budget 20-30K
  37. T

    Camera for school yearbook work

    Hello, The school is giving me permission to upgrade the digital camera. I have taken some really good shots with my Olympus Camedia C-2100 with 10x optical zoom. However, there are certain impossible situations with this camera, like trying to take photos at sports events (need a zoom capable...
  38. R

    Do canon eos 20d and canon rebel 2000 have the same lens mount?

    Do canon EOS 20d and Canon Rebel 2000 (film) have the same lens mount? (I have a sigma 28-200 lens I want to use.) RS
  39. U

    What is error 99?

    My EOS Rebel shows ERROR 99 and won't take pictures. Says to turn camera on & off, but nothing works. What's the problem?
  40. P

    Camera store in ghana

    Hi! Where in Ghana can i buy Nikon lenses and accessories for DSLR camera? Thanks.
  41. D

    Software for canon eos 400d digital

    I need the software for canon eos 400d digital i lost the orginal disc how can i get this. help
  42. D

    Canon eos 400d digital slr

    Hello, i need the software for canon eos 400d digital i lost the orinal disc how can i get this
  43. S

    Which lens is good for birding on Canon 40d

    I have a Canon 40d and would like to bird and get sharp pictures. Which lens would be a best choice under $1000.00?
  44. C

    Canon 1100D / 550D , which one better regarding price for maiden user

    I am very novice in SLR.. Please do suggest... My query.. 1. Is canon is ok ? 2. 1100 D / 550 D is one is better regarding price 3. A single lens of 18 to 135 or two double lens 15-55 and 55 to 250 .. which one will be best for me for good and prolong use Thank you all
  45. W

    Computer and camera cant find pictures from sd card

    Hello, my neice was using my camera's SD card to put some pictures in the computer.. she managed to copy few ones but than later she told me that she couldnt see other pictures from the sd card... the computer shows the sd card's memory not changed but i cant seem to find any pictures and even...
  46. Metroidam11

    Best $500 DSLR for Video

    I'm looking for a DSLR that shoots excellent video. I've tried some camcorders at my local Best Buy in the sub $500 category and was left unimpressed with the video quality and features. I am making an action movie with my buddies and am doing it somewhat professionally. I always enjoyed...
  47. J

    Focus problems

    Hello, my xti is working perfectly until I put my 70-300mm lens on then it won't focus. It tries but the lens just keeps going in and out and it won't take a picture. It will if I manually focus it. The lens is a quantaray and I have used it many times in the past. Hasn't been dropped or damaged...
  48. K

    Compact Flash Data Corruption Problems

    My CF card has been corrupted and I would love some help! I'm hoping that it is not done for. The issue is that my assistant was transferring images from the card via the camera and accidentally unplugged it before it had completed. She plugged it back in and finished transferring the images...
  49. C

    Pictureproject nikon D40

    Hello, I have Nikon D40 and have used it with PictureProject, but have just been given a new computer with Windows 7. Is this the right software or should I move to something else? Best Clive
  50. T

    My autofocus on Canon 40D doesn't work

    Hi, When I use the auto focus mode it seems to work, but when I change it to any other mode, macro, portrait, it doesn't. Help, please. If unable to help online can you recommend a reliable, reasonable shop that can fix it? Thanks.
  51. K

    How to take off the lens of a canon t70

    Hi, I just picked up a Canon t70 at a garage sale and it came with 2 lenses. I want to play around with the second lens but I can't figure out how to take it off. Can someone help?
  52. T

    Talk to an expert about slr camera

    Dear Sir/Madam, I am at present operating with a Nikon d 300. What are my best options for an upgrade. I want a good frame rate for shooting fast moving action (the d 300 is 6fps). I would like camera with pop up flash as it serves me well. I would like to go to higher ISO (at present max is...
  53. amuffin

    Properly Import Photos From Canon Rebel T2i?

    How do I import the photos from my camera properly (any software to be exact)? Usually I just go directly into the SD card VIA camera and drag and drop..however my photos come out very screwy for some reason!? :non: Any good software?
  54. N

    Slr camera expert

    Hello, IAM anil i want buy high zoom camera from the house of nikon or canon.My budget is aronnd twenty thousand.please advice which one camera will be better for me
  55. subaru41

    SD card speeds for Canon T3i. Will I notice a difference?

    Hello, I am a newbie to photography and I was looking at purchasing one of these SD cards for my New Canon T3i and I wanted to know if I would benefit from getting the 32gb over the 64gb? 32gb 64gb...
  56. D

    Canon eos 300d digital rebel slr camera download

    Canon EOS 300D Digital Rebel SLR Camera will not upload to my computer. Either onto Picasa or pictures in my pc....I have widows7...thank you, Bill
  57. G

    Nikon digital slr pop up flash not working

    this seems to be an intermittent problem, no idea why flash wont work even in low light!
  58. B

    Best Settings for D70 digital

    Hello, What are the optimal settings for a d70 for wildlife photos? Any one have a detailed list of the settings I could use?
  59. C

    Picture CD unlock

    I had a few pictures clicked by an amateur photographer who gave me a CD with 2 files - AppSelector and ImageData. I cannot view the files as JPEG, and the pictures seem to be locked inside the software. Any idea how I can unlock the pictures and get them as JPEGs. Thanks, CPIC
  60. D

    IS Noise

    I purchased a used Canon 70-200mm L series lens with IS. When the shutter is half way pressed you can easily hear the IS working, but should I be able to hear it easily? I have read wear others have to put their lens near their ear to hear it, not mine, it is heard easily. I have the 18-55...