More and More confusing......


Dec 16, 2008
Needless to say today there are simply too many options for someone who starting with pretty much ANYTHING , cars, phones, tablets and yes including DSLRs , may be even more. So I'll be quick to give you main points and we'll see how it goes. First and most important my budget is around $850 that's for a camera and lens. Now here are things that I love to have. I really looking for a camera that I can use to make amazing pictures and amazing videos. I have a little project that I am about to film and this camera need to have a good "film like" ability. I just saw youtube videos of t3i and D5100 together with after effects and I really like what I see. I am willing to learn so it does not have to be point and shoot "type" I really love to mess with shutter and achieve this film look as well as auto for some nice photos
So if possible let me know few models in that price range I can look at.
Thank you very much !
I just love color select mode in D5100 for videos .. but I am sure it's possible to do in post with good software like Premiere Pro or something. Also I see new t4i just came out and I kinda like it. One last thing I want to be able to turn LCD screen so I can see myself during Video shot. From what I understand t3i and D5100 will turn LCD off once you start record video when lcd is backwards looking at you when you trying to film yourself .... kinda make no sense but ....any suggestions ?

blade of grass

Jul 16, 2012
Ok, where to start.
The T4i IMHO is not a great camera, thought people may argue and call me a Canon hater, I find that its more gimmick than anything, especially for the price.
For video filming a video camera will be a better option.
But if you want a DSLR for photo and video (which many use them for), I would suggest a T3i, D5100, T2i, or a D3200.
If your going to do more photo, I`d go for a D90, it shoots 720P video, so its decent (amazing for the fact that it was the worlds first DSLR with video). But seeing as you stated you want the multi angle screen, I`d go for a d5100 (dirt cheap ATM) with an 18-55 VR 3.5-5.6. Then, for low light I`d add a Nikon 35mm 1.8 DX lens, which is a great lens for photo or for "artistic" videos with bokeh.
Prime lens are useful, so I would consider buying one,
you could also go for a 50mm 1.8 as that will also work on a FX camera, but the problem is on a DX crop its equal to 85mm.

To sum up my confusing post,
D5100 w/ 18-55mm 3.5-5.6 VR kit lens
8Gb class 10 SD card
35mm 1.8 DX lens
All at B&H for $857 w/ 35 or $660.90 without.

The other thing is that if you need all the other tid-bits of useful stuff (tripod, bag, polariser/ND filter, cleaning stuff exc) which would be useful to know.


Dec 16, 2008
Oh man, I was so firm on t4i and now this ...... okay few things if possible

1. I have my finalized budged for everything it's $910

2. I already have New (red) SanDisk Micro SD card with SD adapter (not sure if micro + adapter is same as just SD card btw)

3. One of the reasons I went with t4i is touch screen that so blaze to operate

4. A lot of used Cannon stuff on market (lens wise)

5. I really don't know but something about Cannon vs Nikon I really C guy yet I admit I do like D5100

6. LCD screen on Cannon is much better.

7. Will I be able to film myself by turning LCD toward me while I am filming myself ?

Thank you very much for your input I really don't know about all this and more I read more I see that most cameras within specific money range are same thing and 90% of final picture is human and only 10% equipment .....

Before I read this I was thinking to get t4i 18-55mm kit + 50mm f/1.8 for video and in future new 18-135 for silent video recording ......

I mean you see where I am at right now so if anyone can add something toward what's up in here I'll REALLY appreciate it !

Thanks in advance guys !