I need to know good places to buy a Canon t3i


Sep 20, 2012
I am trying to buy a Canon EOS Rebel T3i body with a canon 50mm f/1.8 lens. However, I am a bit stuck on where to buy it from. Adorama sells its used for a nifty price, but I can't really know how used it is until I get it. B&H has the lens used so I can get what I want for about $645. I am going to buy from B&H if someone can honestly tell me that an E Adorama rating means the camera shows any signs of wear (which I think it does). This post may be a little confusing, but I am confused! Thanks ahead of time! :pt1cable:


I did some purchases from both of them before. And I like the B&H and you need to make sure the camera is not the gray market product. Because if it is that you can get the warranty from USA canon.

I don't recommend buy the used camera, but you can buy the used lens as long as it do have scratch on glass, and work well like can focus, and price is right.