Should i buy a new camera or use denoiser to fix my noise issues

Jul 5, 2017
So i believe that something is actually wrong with my camera as i have followed all the steps to get less noise and it still is there, i have dropped it twice i don''t know if that is useful, and i have had this camera for 3yrs, so im deciding what i should do, i want to buy the g7 as i have heard it is a good upgrade from the t3i, but then there are denoiser software that can help but they cost $300 just for the denoiser, im talking about neatvideo its that price because i use davinci resolve and the full version of resolve is the same price with denoiser and other features that i wont find very useful. I just don't know if i want to spend $300 on just a denoiser when i could spend more mind....$300 more and get a fully upgraded camera"or should i just dump more money into better lenses and lights but i don''t think it helps, so im stuck, i want to hear your guys thoughts which makes more sense?

btw i have a 50mm 1.8 and i have 3 lights


May 23, 2004
Please don't use the word actually where it is not needed! You believe that something is wrong with your camera.

It's not the lens, might be a settling on your camera but doubtful it's from dropping it. Purists prefer a camera preserve all the raw data the sensor detects instead of automatically getting rid of it at the point of taking the pic because then you lose control over preserving the amount of detail you want.

$300 for a software denoiser seems extreme. What does it do that a good old "edge preserving smooth", "texture preserving smooth", "salt and pepper", etc filters haven't done for decades on much less expensive and/or free software?

You should ask owners of the same camera in a photography oriented forum.

I don't know the features of those two cameras, but some do take multiple shots and average them all together for lower noise, especially in low light shoots. However this works poorly if you don't have a tripod, very steady hand, and no movement in the shot even though cameras have gotten a lot faster so the sequence of shots leaves much less time for movement on either end to interfere with a good sequence to average together.

Ultimately my advice is try freeware software. Anything costing much money, IMO should have a trial version so you can decide if the improvement is worth the money. You do not mention the end use of these pics, some people just shoot at a high resolution and downsample to average away the noise, when the use doesn't need so high a res.
Jul 5, 2017

Oh I didn't mention I'm not a photographer I'm a filmmaker so noise reduction plugins for the specific software I'm using is pretty pricey, I assure you my settings for video are as follow
Iso 200
Aperture f1.8
Shutter speed 1/50th
White balance is set and I use marvel cine picture style
And I didn't know filters can help reduce noise?

Jul 5, 2017

I will look into but I don't know if there even is a problem and may just be making excuses to get another camera as I put footage into davinci and used the denoiser with watermark and poof noise was gone I don't want to get a brand new camera atm because I would like to spend that money elsewhere lights audio etc, but the noise just annoyed me so much and makes my videos not looking so good and it's not like little noise cause regardless there is going to be some noise but not as visible as my own. If neatvideo was 80 bucks I would go with that and be done but that's only for PR and after effects, I also have hitfilm express which has a denoiser but Its probably not possible to make a smooth workflow between davinci and hitfilm. But anymore advice is appreciated, please don't look at me as the guy who thinks getting a better camera instantly means better films I'm well aware that's not the case but at this point I've tried everything and now I'm at a cross road, any more advice will be greatly appreciated guys thanks!

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