white spot on digital photo


Aug 12, 2012
I purchased a new Nikon d3000 three months ago and started shooting with this weekend. I noticed when I look thru the rear element into the front there is a white dot that appears in even light. After taking photos with and without flash, on color, black, and white subjects, the dot appears as white when I veiw the photos on my computer at 100%. I have checked other photos from past and they do not have this problem. Does anyone know waht this might be?


Are you take the lens out, then look from the rear elemen thru to front element of the lens?

If you found something inside the lens housing, then it maybe the dust because using canned air to clean dust off lenses, and the canned air can sometimes carry so much force that it can drive dust particles inside the lens. Or maybe the mold if you are in the tropical climate area.

If you look thru the camera, it maybe something on the mirror, then you can use the hand blower to blow it. ( I only use the hand blower and the soft microfiber cloth to clean)