Broken zoom ringor?


Jan 24, 2013
So here's my story. I was re-organizing my room. Got stuck in a tight space with a chair and picked the legs up so they were horizontal. And one of the legs knocked my 7D down onto my carpet. It wasn't a far drop at al. Like three feet, but the reason something broke is because it landed lens first and didn't fall over. All the pressure wentstraight thru the barrel. So I picked it up, turned it on took a picture seemed fine at it's lowest focal point (17 mm.), however i tried changing it on the zoom ring and nothing happened. I also believe the autofocus is damaged as well... what do you think is wrong wit this and any idea how much it will cost to replace the parts. This is a Canon 17-55 f2.8 I've been meaning to buy a Mark III sometime soon so I was debating on whether or not it would be worth it. Thank you for your input if you have any.