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    Reinstalled ASUS Smart Gesture but still not working?

    Hi! So I have a ASUS Transformer Book (T100TA) that's running on Windows 10. Yesterday my laptop ran out of battery, and when I went to restart it a few hours later the touchpad-scrolling-function did not work. So I did some research online and de-installed my ASUS Smart Gesture as well as my...
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    Asus Smart Gesture reverts to default settings after sleep?

    Every time I close my laptop lid (i.e. put it into sleep mode), when I log back in, Asus Smart Gesture has reverted to its default settings. Specifically, this means that the box "Content moves reversely with your finger's direction" is unchecked, when I normally have it checked. Every time, I...
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    Smart gesture mouse detection disable after restart

    Every time I reboot my laptop he Smart Gesture setting to detect my mouse and disable the track pad disables itself, and I have to open the application and reclick the setting.
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    Asus x553ma slow touchpad response

    Anyone else have any touchpad issues with their x553ma Asus laptop? And how does the overall feel of the touchpad feel? With my laptop, the touchpad seems to have a slight delay with the cursor. The cursor will be a bit late when I control it from the touchpad. This makes things like scrolling...
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    Where is ASUS smart gesture?

    I will preface this by saying I know very little about computers so please be clear and precise with directions I have an ASUS notebook. It came to us installed with Windows 8. Without warning or reason, I cannot swipe the side of my keypad to move between apps like I normally do. From what I...