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  1. gorilaz2003

    Question How to play music from youtube on an old Sound/Audio/HiFi System

    Hello guys, I'm trying for some time to find a solution to the following problem, and i hope i will be as specific as i can. I have an old Sound/Audio/Hi-Fi System with great sound (Technics Amp + Dynaudio Speakers) and i want to be able to play music from youtube via Wi-Fi on it - i use...
  2. Andrew_PDK

    Question Wich portable speaker to choose.

    I'm going to buy a good portable speaker but I don't have enough ideas which one to choose. The best for me is Marshall Kilburn II, Harman/Kardon Go Play, JBL Boombox. I often leave the city and for me is really important the quality and max. volume of the speaker. I have been listening both...
  3. S

    Sound System issue

    I'm having a party tonight and i'm currently setting up the sound system in my living room for the loudest music possible. I have some problems however...when i'm playing music on Spotify, the green volume bar in Windows volumecontrol doesn't hit the max or even 80%, which is the actual volume...
  4. T

    I have a 5.1 sound system (3 speakers and subwoofer) only subwoofer work and 1 speaker :|

    Only 1 speaker and subwoofer work , an the speakears that do not work hear a buzz , what can i do ? is connected with jack( like that at the phone) and is LG DVD RECIVER model LH - T250SC I have windows 10
  5. T

    Help using the Modi/magni 2 uber

    Hey guys. I need your help, so let me explain. So I just bought the Modi/magni 2 uber along with Monolith M1060 Planar Headphones. I have a Samsung KS8000 TV that is connected to a Samsung soundbar via the Arc output. My Pc is connected to the samsung tv as well. As of right now I have my...
  6. D

    TV sound not playing through reciever

    Hi, I have a Yamaha HTR 6068 reciever hooked up with a Samsung Smart TV and Foxtel. There is a HDMI cable running from the Foxtel to the reciever, and a HDMI to the TV. The Audio works fine when using foxtel but when I switch it to TV, it only plays through the TV speakers. When I change the TV...
  7. B

    Speaker system connection problems

    Hi so I got a speaker system which is the right, left, centre, right surround sound, left surround sound and sub woofer that plugs in so it has power, all the cables for the speakers run to the back of the sub woofer and there are 6 sockets in the back of it one for each speaker and color coded...
  8. K

    Building a speaker setup from internal tv speakers

    Good evening, I would like to build a speaker set up using some speakers that were removed from parted out HDTV's. There are three sets of speakers total, two speakers per set, from three different TV's. I want to build a two speaker boxes with a design similar to this. There will be three...