Building a speaker setup from internal tv speakers


Dec 14, 2013
Good evening,
I would like to build a speaker set up using some speakers that were removed from parted out HDTV's. There are three sets of speakers total, two speakers per set, from three different TV's. I want to build a two speaker boxes with a design similar to this.

There will be three speakers in each box. I want to somehow use one box (with three speakers) per channel from the amp (two channel amp). How should the wire be connected in a circuit, I can solder also. If I were to use all three speakers in one box the watts would add up to be 23.5. The amp has 20 watts per channel, would this be a problem?

Here are a few pictures of the speakers.

Two sets of the speakers have the same ohms and the same watts, the third one is a bit different. Here a some pics of the speakers specifications.

The amp that I would like to use is this one. Amplifier

Any help would be greatly appriciated.
Thank you.
Two of the speakers are 6 ohm and 1 is 8ohm. You probably want to keep the combined load at 6 to 8 ohms total. There are two ways to connect them - in series where the resistance adds together and in parallel where it is reduced. Here are the formulas for you to figure it out
Don't worry about the power ratings you should be fine with 20 watts since most TVs would have had very little power. If you can find out the minimum resistance the amplifier is happy with you can calculate to that resistance.
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