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    get my page back from hacker

    my ssid is unavailable in settings and my phone is saying no service..also its locked and jailbroken
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    Solved! I’m trying to setup WiFi repeater where it tells me to put repeater ssid where do I find it

    I’m trying to set up my WiFi repeater where do I find ssid and security key
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    getting modified ssid names for same wireless connections even after deleting old networks once from system

    I still get modified names of wireless connections even after deleting once used wireless connection name. For instance, if i choose abc as ssid as my wireless connection name in my router settings, the next time i select same ssid i get modified name in the system for same wireless connection...
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    Can't find SSID

    Smart tv is asking for SSID can't find it
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    Can u download kik for me

    Can u do it
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    need help on Ipad

    I am trying to add WiFi network and it is asking Network SSID. Where do I find that? I have searched and so far - totally lost.
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    I'm tryin hotspot I've downloaded an app it asks for my SSID I don't know what that is my phone is an L

    I'm trying to use my phone as a hotpsot, its an LG Optimus I've downloaded an app and its asking for my SSID
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    trouble locating ssid for pc to tablet network connection

    i am prompted to enter ssid when attempting to add network connection to my tablet. I have tried my infinity username but it does not apply.
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    How do I find the Security Key for my wireless router

    how do i find my ssid an security key on my laptop vista
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    Ssid network name what is it?

    what is a ssid?
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    How do i find ssid

    Hello i need my ssid to connect to wireless hp printer but dont know how to get it
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    Is it safe to connect to "unknown" SSID?

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) Hi, I'm a newbie to wifi. Is it safe to connect to an unknown SSID? My laptop has a firewall and anti-virus, will the owner of the unknown SSID be able to hack into my laptop? -- Regards, MacGyver.
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    Disabling SSID

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) How can I connect to a wireless network with the SSID disabled using Win XP? Thanks Bob
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    Set up SSID on 5500

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Aloha to you, I need to set up ssid for my 5500 for t mobile (so that I can surf at T mobile hotspots), how do I go about doing this? I don't see anywhere where I can change the ssid (or perhaps, and probably closer to the truth), I...