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  1. C

    Question Does anyone have any suggestions on a good audio converters that r reasonably priced/any tips on how I should set up my home theatre?

    I have an older Yamaha receiver (RX-V430) and a pretty new TCL TV with Roku that is about 3 years old at the most & I am trying to hook up my new home theatre surround sound system, which is a Klipsch sound system & I am hoping to connect 2 subwoofers along with the speakers if this is possible...
  2. RJGrayLight

    Question Bass Sensitive Gaming Speaker Suggestions

    Hey, As the title suggests, I'm bass sensitive. Meaning that I get pretty sick consistently when it comes to "feeling" bass sounds. Like, I'm calling out of work because my face is stuck in my toilet and my vision is blurred from the migraines for 3-5 hours because I felt strong bass for 3-5...
  3. K

    7.1 Ch System only subwoofer and 2 rear speakers working.

    Testing with Mic shows they are not working at all. Checked all connections and everything is connected right. Its not due to a improper listening mode because when doing the mic test no sound came from those speakers during the test. Just encase I did try checking different listening modes...