7.1 Ch System only subwoofer and 2 rear speakers working.


Feb 21, 2017
Testing with Mic shows they are not working at all. Checked all connections and everything is connected right. Its not due to a improper listening mode because when doing the mic test no sound came from those speakers during the test.

Just encase I did try checking different listening modes ect but no luck. Could it be because the supplied speaker wire is not hefty enough to work? But then again why would the sub and two rear work if that was the case? I am stumped. The only thing I can think of is the speaker wire not good enough of the speakers just are defective.

This is a new system and I just connected it for the first time.

Please help. Thank You!
You have the front and rear speakers connected wrong (back to front). Under a mic test you would normally only hear the front speakers and the sub - which is mixed from both the front speakers but only amplifies the low frequencies.
Are you using a surround sound receiver here?
Thickness of wire is not an issue. That the wire isn't shorted or broken is. Make sure the wire is striped to expose some copper and not contacting from plug to minus at both ends. Make sure that the wire is inserted into the terminals correctly (been there).
When you run set up with the mic you get no output from the front three speakers correct.
Did you check that the front speakers work. Connect them to the rear speaker wires to check them.
You could have bad front channel amps but usually that would make the receiver go into protection and shut down.
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