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  1. Aksheev

    Solved! Do I need to format my pc in order to install 64bit system?

    I just want to uprade my pc's ram from 2gb to 6gb(2gb+4gb).....when i went to nearest pc shop,they said that i need to get 64bit to use 6gb ram....I said ok just do it....they later told me that i need to format my pc in order to get 64bit system because there is not enough space(it has 50gb) in...
  2. S

    Sound System issue

    I'm having a party tonight and i'm currently setting up the sound system in my living room for the loudest music possible. I have some problems however...when i'm playing music on Spotify, the green volume bar in Windows volumecontrol doesn't hit the max or even 80%, which is the actual volume...
  3. A

    Any software to monitor any new files created?

    Does anybody know a program that tracks any new files that are created, modified, or deleted?
  4. V

    Laptop Selling Dilemma

    I currently have a Alienware 13r2 and a Asus Gl702vm. I do not NEED two laptops and found a buyer for the Asus. However, I am having some "buyers remorse" because the Asus's large screen is so nice to work and type on. Both I bought for $1,200 almost a year ago. The Asus is being sold for $650...
  5. M

    Checking Media Fail Restart System Windows Toshiba Satellite Laptop C855D-S5320

    I was using my computer, playing games, using Chrome, etc. But then suddenly it freezes. I turn my computer off and then I turn it back on. It stays on the TOSHIBA screen for a bit, then it goes to black. It then shows "Checking Media...". It then says " Check Media Fail No Bootable Disk Please...
  6. W

    Can i play Portal 1 on my computer?

    my computer spec is : Proseccor : Intel Atom N570 (1.66Ghz , dual core) Logical Proseccor : 4 GPU : Intel GMA 3150 Memory : 2 GB DDR3 Storage : 320 GB OS : Windows 7 Ultimate Screen Size : 1024 x 600 , 10.1" 32 / 86 bit
  7. 1

    Connecting pc+bose receiver+tv

    So what I have is my pc, bose lifestyle av28 receiver, panasonic tv (st50 viera) and bose home theater system( What I want to do is play video from my pc to the tv and obviously play the audio...
  8. S

    Acer Aspire 4520 Ubuntu Installation Help

    Can one of you helpful users please walk me through installing Ubuntu on my Acer Aspire 4520 laptop?
  9. D

    Looking for a gaming laptop!!!

    I'm looking for a gaming laptop I can go up to 900 I'm aware that I can't get the best with that budget I've looked around myself but I need other people's opinions on which laptop would be best for gaming with that budget Thank you!
  10. V

    What Amp should i get for my Canton Chrono 5.1 system???

    Hey guys! really need some help with matching the right amplifier for my setup, I have no idea what to get. Heres the 5.1 system i want to buy for my new home thatre: two front: Canton Chrono 509 DC speakers two rear: Canton Chrono 501.2 speakers one center: Canton Chrono 505 Center and also: a...
  11. LegendaryLeader

    HELP! Cannot Remove Adware!

    Hello, so a while back my computer happened to get adware (can't remember what I downloaded) and I have had extreme difficulty removing it. At the moment, the adware I have is DynamicPricer (as far as I know). These are the steps I have taken so far to remove this adware, but none of them have...
  12. C

    What Operating System And Optimization Software Do You Use To Keep Your Computer In Good Shape?

    Within the last year, I have bought some paid software and some freeware to make my computer faster and more efficient to the max. On a scale of 1-10....this is the rundown. 1. System Mechanic 2. Tune Up Utilities 3. CCleaner Professional 4. Auslogics Boost Speed 5. Uniblue PowerSuite...
  13. T

    [Solved]System Interrupts taking CPU

    Hello, im looking for some help regarding System Interrupts taking 60% of my laptops cpu. I've tried many of the suggestions offered on the forums, but none did any good of fixing this, it really makes bad performance when playing games. Asus K53SC Win 8.1 Core 64x I have currently tried these...
  14. C

    Working on homemade projector theatre!

    Hey guys, I am currently trying to set up a home theater system. I have a 48 inch Sony flatscreen that I have been watching TV on for a while, but it just gets kinda hard to watch the TV or play video games with it, because it's not that big. A couple of my friends have theatres set up where...
  15. R

    Blender problem. Please help!!

    When I start blender on my windows 7 system it gives me an eeror bod that says "ordinal 250 not found in swscale-2.dll. If I reinstall it, it works again, but the next time i run it, it just happens again, so i have to reinstall it again. I dont want to install it again everytime. It is a...