Blender problem. Please help!!


Oct 18, 2013
When I start blender on my windows 7 system it gives me an eeror bod that says "ordinal 250 not found in swscale-2.dll.

If I reinstall it, it works again, but the next time i run it, it just happens again, so i have to reinstall it again.

I dont want to install it again everytime. It is a great piece of software and I really want to use it. What can I do?
I don't use Blender but did come across this (see note below*) - - in a Blender forum.
*"Some other unfriendly application must've written its version of swscale-2.dll into your library search path. The easiest way is to delete all versions of swscale-2.dll on your system, then reinstall blender. If some other applications ends up complaining about it then, reinstall that program. If the error re-occurs with Blender, then that program was the unfriendly one. Write a furious email to the authors of this program, telling them how incompetent they are. "