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    How to Block a Website Using the Terminal App on your MacBook Pro

    One may need to block a website for various reasons. It may be trying to send you malware or unwanted notifications. Or if the PC is used by children then you can block certain adult content or ultra-violent media to ensure that they are not affected by it while casually scrolling through the...
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    Solved! Pre-amp board connection.

    I have a 7.1 pre-amplifier and have to connect 8 different mono amplifiers to it (as i couldn't find a 7.1 amplifier for it), one for each channel like FL, FR, BL, BR, SL, SR, Centre and and Subwoofer. Every input for amplifier needs one + terminal, one - terminal and/or one GND terminal but my...
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    I broke my headphone

    My headphone's wire broke so i tried to solder it back and doing so the little pcb fell out, is there any way to solder the wires directly to the speaker and not to the + and - thing i broke(is it called terminal?)? Broken: https://imgur.com/a/5JzJwmW Working: https://imgur.com/a/vk49vVP
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    Firestick, have video but unable to get sound

    Pioneer PDP-5071PU and Denon Multi Zone receiver AVR-1907. Plugged Firestick into Input 5 terminal on back of TV. Video works fine but no sound. The Denon receiver does not have an HDMI port.
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    Question on Impedance (Ohms)

    I assume this question has been asked a million times over, but I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around this. I have a Marantz MR 235 and has an A and B channel. I have 2 8 ohm speakers. If I plug one speaker into the left terminal and one into the right (nothing fancy just - to - and +...
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    JVC Receiver Help

    My reciever has a subwoofer terminal but it does not work I was wandering if anyone knows how to fix it
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    Possible to merge a center with left and right???

    i have a center speaker lying around in my house and i have an amplifier that is 2.1 and has only 2 outputs i.e. to left and right..Now i have connected two speakers to it but i want connect the center speaker also....so can i wire all the positives to the positive terminals of the three...
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    Purchasing a Old Laptop

    hello everyone I'm planning to buy an old laptop - basic use will be to use it for trading terminal (for stock) (java based trading terminal) + internet + might use it while travelling. A lot of old models with different specs are available here. However, am a little confused as to which one...
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    I have a 3.5mm speaker that I plugged into my pc but no sound through speakers

    I plug in my speakers using the 3.5 mm hole in the back of my terminal I get sound through the terminal but not through the speakers
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    Solved! Stereo receiver output terminals not working rca sub terminal is

    Technics av control stereo receiver modelsa-gx770 with 5.1 surround none of the speaker output terminals have power but the rca for the sub woofer is fine theres a discoloring around a spot on mother board called driver ic stb can i fix it or bypass it
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    ARC Terminal use

    Can the ARC terminal on a TV or Receiver be used as a standard HDMI connection point?
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    Reciever to subwoofer compatibility

    Hello all, so I've recently been getting into audio and try ing to understand it all. I have a JBL DCR600ii that I want to try and pair with a Song SS-WSB111 sub. The receiver has two subwoofer outputs, one is LFE, the other is a 8ohm positive negative terminal. The sub is 6ohm and does not have...
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    Connecting four terminal speakers

    I have speakers that have four connection terminals. Is it okay to use one set to connect a receiver and the other to connect a HDD audio player system? They will never play at the same time.
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    I want to get audio on my patio from receiver in my den

    I have a new Sony 7.1 channel receiver and surround sound using all 7connections. Sound runs through the receiver. I have two small speakers that I have piggy backed into two of the terminals which I know could hurt the receiver. I need to find a solution to have sound on patio and watch my tv...
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    Terminal emulator question

    I have a Samsung cellphone running a terminal emulator program. What command should I enter to see the SD card?
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    Sub woofer driver with 2 plus and minus terminals. HELP!

    So my driver in my sub woofer decided to crap out on me during halloween, so I started looking for a new drive (here it is: https://www.amazon.com/BOSS-CXX8-Exxtreme-600-watt-Subwoofer/dp/B00I9TSXKI/ref=sr_1_13?s=car&ie=UTF8&qid=1478000068&sr=1-13&keywords=8+inch+woofer I don't have that much...
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    Can an ONT (Optical Network Terminal) Be Infected with Malware

    Hi everyone, After posting my "story" on several of the big online computer forums, I've nailed down some step-by-step procedures I must do to clean up, re-setup, and protect my home network from future possible malware & hackers. One last question I have before I fix things and hopefully...
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    Samsung pay details

    Can someone share me more details about Samsung pay and how to use it?. Ever since It is introduced a few customers started inquiring whether it is available in my shop. This is the Pos terminal that I am using at shop supported by VersaPay...
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    What is a good Linux for someone like me?

    I am new to all of this Linux mumbo-jumbo, so I'd like a Linux that fits my tastes. 1. I am new to Linux, so I would like a linux similar to Windows. 2. I don't want many pre-installed things, I'd rather find programs myself. 3. I'm not very advanced in computing, so I'd rather stay away from...
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    dell inspiron4010 charging problem

    dell inspiron4010 charging problem,I connected with ac adaptor but no voltage on battery terminal, but when I power on the lap
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    error code 36 imac

    have tried to fix using terminal and replaced hard drive what can i do.
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    Driveimage xml restore

    Hello, I would like to restore a backup I made using driveimage xml. I am fine with the normal way of doing the process, but I lost the xml file. Is there a way I can restore a drive image (.dat file) using terminal? If not I created a different backup that I can share the data on it and maybe...
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    What are these wires in my speaker?

    I thought speakers consisted of a basic positive and negative terminal for speaker wires. However, when i opened up my in ceiling speaker, this is the result. There is a black and red terminals, but it leads to this box that spits out extra orange+white, and blue+white cables. The two...
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    Speaker has damaged RCA terminal.

    Can someone please tell me a way to fix this? The white connector on the speaker amp is missing, so the RCA connector just plugs into a plastic hole and the ground does not connect, and music does not carry over to the speakers. I dont think there is any room to get wire to connect the ground...
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    plug 4ohm subwoofer and 6ohm speaker into same terminal?

    i have a Pioneer Sc1224 rated for 4-16 ohms, pair of 6 ohm Jenson X7s and a 4ohm 320W Panasonic SB-W940 subwoofer. The Sub only has bare speaker wires and the pioneer has preamp coaxial outs. I'm wondering if i could connect my sub to one of the front terminals along with my Jensons ?
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    Speaker has damaged RCA terminal.

    Can someone please tell me a way to fix this? the white cap on the speaker is missing, so the RCA connector just plugs into a plastic hole and the music does not carry over to the speakers. Is there a ghetto fix? https://www.dropbox.com/s/9082x36tu5f0hyz/2014-12-18%2014.29.33.jpg?dl=0
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    Hooking up single speaker to Receiver to get Mono sound

    I have an old TEAC AG-780 running all my home speakers and working fine all on from A speaker terminals. I am getting a pool and putting in a Aquasonic MONO speaker. Is there a way to hook this MONO speaker to back B terminal in Mono mode by wiring it correctly.
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    Faint sound from new audio system

    Here's my setup. I have a 12v battery. The positive terminal is hooked up to a 25A fuse on 10 gauge wire. The fuse leads to a 25A switch. The switch goes to my amp power. The amp is grounded to the negative terminal on the battery. The amp has power. I have 2 16 gauge wires running to the...
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    Samsung proprietary speaker wire connectors.

    Picked up an extremely cheap speakerless Samsung 5.1 DVD/receiver as I already have 5.1 speakers. I found out it uses samsung proprietary speaker connector Would it hurt to use simple insulated female terminal connectors. I don't feel like spending a lot of money for Samsung connectors...
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    Lan antenna conector

    Does the antenna connector go in or over or inside the lan card terminal?
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    how to connect 4 terminal speaker to a 2 terminal receiver

    I have a new pioneer receiver which has 4 terminals for the main speakers ( 2 red + for left and right and 2 black - for left and right) . My Technics speakers have for terminals each ( black and red for low level base and grey and Blue for mid and high level). How do I connect them to the receiver?
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    Surround sound stereo

    Will one surround sound speaker work on a two terminal stereo?
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    5:1 surround speakers and only one terminal for a SB speaker

    Hello, I have 5:1 surround speakers and only one terminal for a Surround Back speaker, not two for left and right. Surround left and right are able to mix with the SB speaker. Is this correct? Is there a way to set up left and right Back speakers? Can I (should I)connect 2 speakers to one terminal?
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    Read Problems

    Hello... My January 2010-bought LG DVD/VHS Combi Unit wikll not read ANY DVD, whether recorded by me on the machine or bought pre-recorded. When I put the DVD into the tray and close the drawer it remains on 'READ" and stays there for a few minutes and then rejects the DVD without proceeding...
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    What type of phones run terminal services

    I need to know what type of cellphones run on terminal services, android, iphones or windows mobile ?
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    Lost laptop

    Hello, i lost my laptop on a bus terminal- can someone tell me what i can do tolocate it.
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    Solved! My computer power terminal came apart from the motherboard

    Hello, my computer power ternimal came apart from the mother board. how to fix it.
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    Hello, I'm connecting my car speaker wire to a line in on a car amp, which is positive and negative on the RCA terminal , thank
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    what wire will be use from speaker terminal to input and output jack
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    Solved! Sub wiring

    i have a sony receiver with a sub input. the sub has a pos. & neg. terminal. how do i connect them together?
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    TS RemoteApp for Mac

    Is there any way to run a RemoteApp from Windows 2008 Terminal Service on a Mac? I can run a remote desktop connection fine but a RemoteApp seems impossible at the moment.
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    What is a Terminal Cover ?

    Hi ! Can anybody tell if my battery perforemance will deteriorate if I dont use a Terminal Cover ? I have a Canon IXUS 100 IS and have lost the fck. Cover . . . Thanks . . . Makonja
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    Terminal signs - USB ports stop working then BSODs

    Hi Y'all I have an acer aspire 1690 (2 yo) that is giving me BSODs usually IRQ not less or equal. These are usually preceded by the USB ports dying (mouse stops working etc) then freezing.. then the BSOD. In the event manager I am getting an array of errors before the system failure from ATAPI...
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    Ipaq 1940 Serial port

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Hi, I want to know if it's possible, with my Ipaq 1940 and a serial port terminal, to connect to a serial device and controlo it trought my Ipaq. It is Possible? XXX.
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    TCM 7000

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Hi folks, I am trying to flash the roms on my Symbol PPT2700. I run TCM 7000 and have the baud rate right, the com port right, and it does not want to connect to the terminal. It keeps returning the error: FAILED TO CONNECT TO...
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    Motorola DCT6208

    Archived from groups: alt.tv.tech.hdtv (More info?) Just upgraded to the DCT6208 recordable HD terminal from my non-recordable Motorola. Although it functions well, I find the constant whirring from the hard-drive intrusive. My house/ viewing room is very quiet so I'm sure this is not an issue...
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    Archived from groups: alt.cellular.cingular (More info?) Who makes the terminal equipment for cellphones? The RF equipment? The antennas? Thanks
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    Terminal Services for Ipaq 1945

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Does it exist for this model. Microsoft says it does on web site, but I can't find it anywhere, even at HP site.