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    The flashlight on my vodafone N8 isn't working:

    Long story short the flashlight on my backup phone isn't working. The phone is fairly new (about 3 to 4 months old) and was working a couple of days ago. Every time I try to turn it on or off it just buzzes and doesn't do anything Any solutions ??( I don't want to go to the repare shop/ don't...
  2. S

    Phone Torch get switched on when Battery is connected

    My phone went into water , and now even after drying it, when i am connecting the battery, the torch gets switched on. Even tried to hard boot but nothing worked as of now
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    my laptop model is acer aspire 5745

    my laptop model is acer aspire 5745 the screen is black for 1 week but when i apply torch light on the screen i can see the content clearly and it functions normal almost!! but the screen is black but i can see the content when the screen faces the light !!!!!!! CAN U HELP ????
  4. A

    Fixing my boyfriend 48 inch lg tv

    The sound works on it perfectly but no picture just a black screen but when you shine a torch on it you can see what's actually on the tv but when we tried turning the brightness up nothing happened HELP PLEASE
  5. F

    LG LED TV - sound but picture only visible by looking closely with a torch

    I have an LG LED TV. When I turn it on, I see a logo very briefly as if it's working, then it looks completely black and only the sound works but I can read the electronic programme guide and see the picture from my box if I shine a torch on the screen and look closely. Can anyone diagnose the...
  6. R

    How to delete invisible torrent extension of Torch browser???

    I uninstalled Torch Browser and now I am using Google Chrome..I tried download to a movie from by using uttorent. When I clicked Magnet link,the torrent extension torch browser opens and downloads..I want to download it in uttorent and delete the extension..PLZ help..... :heink:
  7. D

    how to find widgets

    I can't find my torch widget
  8. L

    Nuked/ Bricked Blackberry Torch 9810

    Hi guys. Mt blackberry torch 9810 just stopped working all of a sudden. No physical damage came to it whatsoever. I think its a software problem, It's nuked or bricked. I've tried a lot of tutorials on the web, gone to forums and everything and still no luck. Every approach I take at trying to...
  9. S

    How to delete invisible extensions of Torch browser?

    In my Torch Task Manager FaceLift,Torch Music and DropToS extensions are running. I have never installed them and I can't see them in torch://extensions page. So I don't know how to delete those extensions. Can someone please help me to remove them from Torch? I often get Torch browser crashed...
  10. A

    How do I replace backlight on e525

    I've replaced the screen and inverter but still have blank screen. If I shine torch over screen can see something so my guess is the backlight has gone
  11. C

    Acer dark screen

    I have a acer one aspire KAV60 notebook 10.1 inch screen which is a friends I am fixing. I have just bought a new screen it is compatible. The old screen was defiantly dead screen wont show with torch. The new one I can only see with a torch, I sent it back they tested it said it was fine but...
  12. V

    Screen shot for my bb

    I want to downloada screen shot for my blackberry torch 9800 but when I click download here and it says thanku for downloading what happens next? Why don't I get it in my phone? Bytheway I don't have blackberry service as because am in iraq
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    Laptops i can see the screen with a torch

    hi, i have a fujitsu seimens lifebook series e 6624 and it starts up fine except i can not see the screen unless i shine a torch on it. i have tried an external screen with no joy and also tried disconecting the battery for a minute and reconnecting it but still no joy . is there any body that...
  14. CallsignZero

    Verizon phone like BB Torch?

    I have a Blackberry Torch, I like the features that it boasts and just about everything about it but I hate that it's AT&T. I was wondering if anyone knew of a phone or had a suggestion of one that was most like it. After hearing that Google recently bought Motorola I'd like a Motorola phone (to...
  15. Voytek

    Who else hates their blackberry?

    i have the torch 9800. Its a garbage phone and i hate it. Theres NO good apps for it. I would much rather go with android
  16. G

    Become a Human Torch with The Flame Gloves

    I love the smell of napalm... On my palms. Become a Human Torch with The Flame Gloves : Read more
  17. JMcEntegart

    BlackBerry Torch 2 Features 1.2GHz Processor

    Don't worry, they've replaced the 600MHz processor with something a little snappier. BlackBerry Torch 2 Features 1.2GHz Processor : Read more
  18. G

    Opinion: Why Blackberry Torch Can't Compete

    Poor Blackberry 6. It tried so hard to knock iPhone and Android off their pedestals, but we think it failed to wow consumers. It remains...a Blackberry. Opinion: Why Blackberry Torch Can't Compete : Read more
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    Hands On: Blackberry Torch 9800

    Can the BlackBerry Torch 9800 light RIM’s way to success? A touchscreen QWERTY slider with BlackBerry 6 software goes for search and social skills. Hands On: Blackberry Torch 9800 : Read more
  20. exfileme

    RIM Officially Announces BlackBerry 6, Torch

    A new BlackBerry phone and a new OS--looks like RIM wants to tackle Apple and Google. RIM Officially Announces BlackBerry 6, Torch : Read more
  21. G

    These Torch Speakers Encase Your MP3 Player

    Stick it into the sand, and you've got the perfect sunbathing buddy! These Torch Speakers Encase Your MP3 Player : Read more
  22. exfileme

    ISPs Pursue Music Pirates, Not RIAA

    Is it the calm before the storm? Possibly, as the music industry is ceasing most legal pursuits against music-sharing consumers, and is passing the torch over to ISPs. ISPs Pursue Music Pirates, Not RIAA : Read more