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  1. C

    My True crypt does not have the create volume button?

    Hi, I just downloaded the Truecrypt for my windows 10 Home PC. The instructions state to have the external hard drive connected and select the "create volume" button. I do not have a create volume button on mine?
  2. C

    Solved! True Crypt / Veracrypt Container crackable ?

    Hi It is possible today to crack a truecrypt or a veracrypt container when if the password has more than 32 characters ? Encryption Method AES,TWOFISH,Serpent SHA 512 For Example with words, numbers and special characters and words in different languages.
  3. G

    Can bad sectors cause entire encrypted partition useless?

    On my 500 GB HDD I have a partition about 150 GB in size that's encrypted using TrueCrypt software. Suppose a few bad sectors develop on that partition and HDD attempts to reallocate the same and fails, would it in away mean that now the entire TrueCrypt encrypted partition could all the way...
  4. OhioLeda

    Why was TrueCrypt Discontinued

    I've been using TrueCrypt for ages and swear by it.. I also read that TrueCrypt was bought out BECAUSE they could not crack it and wanted to sway people from using it. Here's an Interesting Read FBI hackers fail to crack TrueCrypt Anyone heard anything else about TrueCrypt?
  5. Z

    Access hidden encrypted volume on systems which do not have TrueCrypt

    Dear folks I am aware that TrueCrupt is discontinued project. I would like to use a TrueCrypt 7.1a to encrypt USB Flsh drive by following the guide below : The quote above related to non hidden volume and...
  6. M

    cant boot Truecrypt hidden OS anymore

    Hello, I used a truecrypt hidden OS for 2 years without any problems. But if i booted the hidden the last time i got a bluescreen direct after the booting. Since this happened i have only access to the non hidden system, but if i try to get into the hidden OS the password will be accepted, i...
  7. D

    Encryption + Virus is making it impossible to get back into HDD

    Hi everyone. Haven't created an account here yet, but will do that soon. I've used these forums a lot in the past, but never made a post till now. I wish my first post here was more helpful. So here's the situation I have gotten myself into. My HDD is fully encrypted with TrueCrypt, v7.1a with...
  8. C

    Can't Partition Mac Truecrypt Drive

    Yosemite 10.10.2 - 1TB hard drive just for data (OS X is on a different drive). The 1TB is encrypted w/ Truecrypt. I have been using Truecrypt for a few years and now I want to stop using it. I copied all my data off of the internal hard drive, but in Truecrypt 1.7a I see no option to Decrypt...
  9. H

    Encrypt full external HDD or container or partition woith VeraCrypt

    I have purchased a WD Ultra 2Tb external HDD for backups. This has a single NTFS partitition. WD also gives it's own encryption software which I do not plan to use. I was already doing backups on another 500Gb HDD which was having a 200Gb encrypted TrueCrypt partition (apart from another 300Gb...
  10. S

    Securstar/Drivecrypt shut down?

    What has happened to Securstar/Drivecrypt? There was a huge uproar when Truecrypt shut down but cannot find anything out about Securstar. I thought they were popular but cannot find a peep about them anywhere.
  11. S

    Is this more secure?

    Obviously only as strong as the weakest link but I'm assuming that if i had a drive or folder encrypted with Truecrypt (or similar) and had a file in there encrypted with axcrypt (or similar) a potential attacker would have to get past both layers if I have different passwords for both right? I...
  12. B

    Truecrypt won't do a FDE after reformat

    Okay first of all, please don't say "Truecrypt is dead, not secure" or any of that. I know about the situation, and I am perfectly happy using an application that I've used for years. I don't believe it just suddenly became insecure. That said, here is my problem. First, my system: Gigabyte...
  13. sergeyn

    TrueCrypt replacement for windows 7/8

    Hi, As truecrypt is dead now, I wonder what is the closest alternative out there ? Free or not - doesn't matter as far as it can mount on-disk file as an encrypted volume ? Thanks.
  14. A

    Is it possible to restore key data without having TrueCrypt Rescue Disk?

    I am pretty sure my password for truecrypt from boot loader is correct, but it says it is incorrect. Thanks for the help
  15. sagar0882

    How to recover "TrueCrypt volume from a Quick Formatted pen drive ?

    Hi, This is the first time I am posting here . As the title suggests , I accidentally Quick Formatted a Pen Drive which had 3 TrueCrypt ( 3+3+2 GB ) volumes/containers on it . The reason for quick format was , the Pen drive asked for it while using it at my office desktop. Now the question...
  16. V

    Can't decrypt External Hardisk in truecypt!!!

    i got a 2 tb external hd ... i encrypted it.. and it took 28 hours... working great!!... i can use all of that data by mounting it.. but when i click on permanently decrypt system drive/partition.. it says there is no partition to decrypt!!!..
  17. ipwn3r456

    Truecrypt - which encryption is enough?

    Hello community, I am looking forwards to encrypt my 1TB external hard drive, using Truecrypt. Right now I am formating my external hard drive, so using this time to ask a question. I am planning to use either AES or AES-Twofish encryption, with Whirlpool as hash. Is AES secure enough? I am not...