How to recover "TrueCrypt volume from a Quick Formatted pen drive ?

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Apr 29, 2014
This is the first time I am posting here .
As the title suggests , I accidentally Quick Formatted a Pen Drive which had 3 TrueCrypt ( 3+3+2 GB ) volumes/containers on it .
The reason for quick format was , the Pen drive asked for it while using it at my office desktop.

Now the question is . Is it possible to restore those TrueCrypt Volumes back ?

Details so far :
I haven't written ANY data to that pen drive .
I have just tested it with testdisk/ recuva/pandora etc.
I could recover 3 swf File ( may be these are the 3 TrueCrypt volumes, as the size of these files is almost the same (Slightly Bigger )as container size ) but I am not able to mount them with TrueCrypt. It says Invalid Password or not a TrueCrypt volume.
I dont have a Backup header with me . Tried to restore header from autobackup(if any) but again it says not a TrueCrypt volume or invalid Password .
Tried Hex Editor and i Suppose (SUPPOSE, As i am not familiar with it ) that the pen drive has still got the Files/Volumes on it .

So how can i recover the Volumes ? or the files ?
Are the files recovered by test disk -> TrueCrypt volumes ? If yes then How do we mount them ?

I would like to mention, i think if somebody helps me with the Hex editor , It will be a great help , and Of course experts suggestions are MOST WELCOME . Hope to get a answer to my question and we get this solved soon :)

My system configuration
Processor : i3 2.13 Ghz
RAM : 2 GB
OS: Win 7 64 Bit
Pen Drive : Kingston 8 gb
App details : TrueCrypt version 7.0a



Expert suggestion? Restore the files from your backup.

If TrueCrypt says it is an invalid volume, probably not a lot you can do with it.

Encrypted volumes are supposed to be hard (impossible) to retrieve data from. If you can do it via a Hex editor, it wouldn't be much good, would it?



The moment that you formatted the device you wrote data to it which destroyed the encrypted volumes contained within. It's gone dude.
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