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  1. Wienerman101

    Solved! Can you send audio over a telepohone line?

    I have recently gotten rid of my home phone service and now have empty lines going throughout my house. Now in my master bedroom, I have a Tv which has lackluster speakers on it. However, I have in-ceiling speakers which I've hooked up to a Sonos system. This system can automatically switch...
  2. B

    Question Subwoofer on 2.1 speaker system not working(Logitech Z623) when connected via aux

    This is my first post here and I would like to say hello to everyone, hope your all having a great day/evening wherever you are! Within the last year I purchased a Logitech Z623 2.1 speaker system for use with my TV for Xbox One X gaming. The TV I had at the time was a 49” LG 4K TV all I did...
  3. B

    Coaxial out to aux or subwoofer out to aux

    Hi I've been searching for hours now and i can't find anything. I have 2 JBL flip 3 speakers and I want to run it through my tv to get more surround sound feeling. They each have an aux in but my tv only has a subwoofer out and a coaxial out. I want to know if I plug my speakers into the sub out...
  4. E

    Speaker that can play audio from TV remotely

    I want to put a speaker in my kitchen that plays the audio from my television, so that I don't have to keep the TV volume so loud when I'm not in the living room. What kind of speakers should I purchase, and is there a wireless option that would work with bluetooth? Thank you!
  5. N

    Cable TV Stereo Remotes problem minor irritant

    I finally have my entertainment system set-up to meet my needs. Desktop PC cabled via HDMI to Samsung TV; cable box audio out to an older Aiwa sound system. Of course, there were 3 remotes I was juggling (Cable, TV, and Aiwa) until I had everything just right. I now have my cable-provider...