Cable TV Stereo Remotes problem minor irritant


Nov 30, 2015
I finally have my entertainment system set-up to meet my needs. Desktop PC cabled via HDMI to Samsung TV; cable box audio out to an older Aiwa sound system. Of course, there were 3 remotes I was juggling (Cable, TV, and Aiwa) until I had everything just right. I now have my cable-provider universal remote set-up to handle nearly everything.

Here is the minor irritant: when I power on using the remote, cable box, TV, and Aiwa receiver all fire-up. I only want the Aiwa to be available when I am watching a movie or watching/listening to music in stereo. Easy enough to click "Aux" on remote and turn off stereo, but then I have to click "TV" to get all the other remote functionality back. Then, when I power down the whole system with the remote the Aiwa powers back up.

Did I overlook something when I was setting up the remote? Any suggested fixes?


Your cable remote doesn't have the flexibility to customize to your particular requirements. You can try a Harmony Logitech remote but that may not work the way you want it to either. There are universal remotes from URC and RTI that can be custom programmed but not at a price that makes sense with your system.
If you leave the AIWA volume all the way down it won't matter if it comes on or not.
You could remove the Aiwa from your cable remote and use its remote when needed. Depending on how often you want to use it this way might be less hassl
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