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  1. J

    Question Need help connecting Old USB Harmon/Kardon SoundSticks and new 2021 Dell XPS laptop

    I have some old USB Harmon Kardon SoundSticks that work fine; they were tested with other Windows and Mac laptops, a Windows PC, and even my Android phone (with a USB adapter)! I have a new Dell XPS laptop running Windows 10 with all of the current patches as well as Dell's firmware updates. I...
  2. zeezeear

    Solved! Can I connect (actively use) two bluetooth devices at once? Windows OS

    I would like to use a bluetooth mouse and bluetooth headphones simultaneously. My laptop is the 2017 Acer Swift 7, with limited (2) USB(c) ports. I am aware that I may purchase a USB extender/hub, but would prefer not to have additional hardware. Thank you in advance for responding!
  3. K

    Question Audio through USB c

    I'm having Asus gl503ge which has a USB c I want to connect a USB c to 3.5mm adaptor to that port. I tried connecting the adaptor and the earphone but it didn't worked. I want hi-res audio so I'm buying a hi res USB c to 3.5mm adaptor. How can I redirect the audio to usb instead if the standard...
  4. D

    Solved! Can you charge a laptop that can charge via USB-C with a common power bank?

    Hi. I was wondering if it's possible to charge a laptop that has USB-C charging as a feature using just a common power bank (the kind that you can buy inexpensively at many stores) and a USB-C cable. With that said, can you charge a laptop that can charge via USB-C with a regular power bank...
  5. J

    2017 Laptops USB-C Power Delivery Compatibility with External Power Banks

    My aim with this answer is to promote a sticky thread to be created so I have recreated this elsewhere on this forum, hope you dont mind the duplicates. I have been researching this a fair bit as I want to purchase a new laptop in 2017 and my main requirement is that there be some possibility...
  6. apiltch

    USB C: One Cord to Rule Them All

    The new USB C connector is reversible, comes in one size and transfers enough wattage to power a laptop while delivering speeds of 10 Gbps. USB C: One Cord to Rule Them All : Read more