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    Some one can help me with my laptop

    I cant boot to win7 and cant boot to usb flash althougt I have checked the bios boot selections The problem is, the laptop isn't booting from the usb drive no matter what. I checked the bios booting selections many times, and the priority was for USB Flash Drive, but still the laptop isn't...
  2. J

    My TV Samsung KU6500 don’t read usb flash drive only appears in source menu and when choose the usb then freeze in a loading

    My TV Samsung KU6500 don’t read usb flash drive only appears in source menu and when choose the usb then freeze in a loading page
  3. D

    Solved! Is there a camcorder that can record DIRECTLY to a USB flask memory stick?

    I'm looking for a camcorder that can record video directly to a USB flash memory stick. I would like than to detach the stick and give it to customers as a present. Is there such a camcorder? Thank you!
  4. C

    Bought new Acer Aspire laptop with Win 10. But we need Win7 OS. How we tried to install Win7 but not happening with USB flash

    Need tech assistance on urgent basis to resolve this issue.
  5. M

    Solved! My usb flash driver doesn't appear on my notebook

    Just bought a cheap asus notebook from internet for me to be able to do my homework on it. It came with endless OS and I wanted to switch it to another OS. Then I realized that when I plug a usb flash driver, it doesn't even appear anywhere. I plugged a mouse, a keyboard and my phone and they...
  6. J

    Shortcut Virus on USB Flash Drives

    Hey there
  7. M

    A problem with DBAN (won't boot from USB)

    Hello, I've burnt DBAN iso to my USB flash drive, but no matter what I try, when I restart my laptop, it completely ignores it and boots straight to the OS. I've done everything correctly in BIOS, enabled legacy and booting from USB and put it in the first place of priority. I've tried 2...
  8. P

    Install Adobe Acrobat Xi Pro from USB Flash Driver

    hi I need to install Adobe Acrobat XI Pro to my laptop that doesn't have CD drive. I only have the installation pack in the CD. Can I copy all the files from CD to USB flash driver and install it from there? Which files should I click to run the installation? Many thanks.
  9. M

    Flash Drive File Recovery

    Can anyone point me towards the current best tool for recovering deleted data from a USB flash drive? Google searching is like walking down a hallway with 100 salesman screaming in my face about how their product is the best.
  10. Z

    USB flash drive does not detected anywhere in my laptop

    After using the flash drive to my Sony Bravia TV to watch some videos, i tried to use it again on my laptop but it was undetected by any usb ports on any laptops. My USB ports are working, checked it all inside my Device Manager and also Disk Management but it does not to appear anywhere. Can it...
  11. A

    access USB FLASH OR hard DISK with PC and TV

    Hello i want to know how i can acess USB flash or HDD with Tv or Pc not the same time but one by one if i want to connect it with pc or connect it to tv easily connect and don't change pug in and plug out of both,Is USB HUB usefull for this Problem ?! with usb hub even i want use flash with PC...
  12. M

    Why can’t I boot from USB Flash Drive?

    Hi, I am trying to dual boot openSUSE with Windows 10, but it says “System doesn’t have any USB boot option. Please select other boot option in boot manager menu.”
  13. Z

    How do I download photos from my cell phone to my iPad

    I have questions using Fujifilm 32 GB – USB flash drive inserted in my iPhone 6 to store the photos, how does it work? I have tried unsuccessfully to store the photos from my iPhone 6 to the USB flash drive how does it start downloading into it?
  14. D

    Solved! I torrent but I want to put crypto on usb flash drives from my computer. What is a one time pay antivirus I can get for safety

    I wanna get some cryptocurrency. but i don't want to risk encrypting it. I'll just delete it from my computer after i transfer it to usb. I'd like to pay around 60 or 80 canadian one time for a life time antivirus program with decent updates. Right now I'm using avg and spybot. do you think...
  15. L

    USB flash drive

    Need a USB flash drive for Acer Aspire E15 laptop. Can advise where I can get one from? Thanks.
  16. D

    why that's my usb flash drive cannot be detected by my tv

    when i format my usb my tv sudenlly cannot detect my usb flash drive but when i tried another usb it connect
  17. R

    Please help with cleaning W32-Tapin infection from external HDD and USB flash drive

    Hello everyone, My new laptop (ASUS A555LF X409T i3 version) with windows 10 Home edition got infected with W32-Tapin Worm (Diagnosed by Avira) I believe that it got infected with W32-Tapin worm while I was copying data from my old laptop’s HDD – I had used the old laptop’s HDD (as an external...
  18. M

    mounting a usb

    I like so many others am finding that I only have 3 GB of space left on my hard drive (on a good day) and I am unable to delete the 10 GB of temporary files my cloudbook says I have. DO I need to mount a usb flash drive or hard drive to use it as my main hard drive?
  19. J

    Samsung TV won't recognise USB flash drive

    Hello All I'm trying to watch a standard .avi file on my Samsung TV (ue43j5600) by plugging in a USB flash drive. I first tried all my flash drives and none of them worked - the TV simply didn't recognise them and so did not list them under 'sources'. I did a little research and decided to...
  20. C

    Boombox-like device that plays audio from USB Flash Drive???

    I feel old and out of touch asking this but... I am. So here's my question.... I'm looking for something to play podcasts (via a USB port) from a Flash Drive. I want something that has speakers and simply plugs into an outlet. Does something like this exist??? If so, can anyone please...
  21. D

    drive letter allocation

    if I allocate Letters X or Y to a USB Flash drive it shows in disk management but not in devices and drives all other letters ok
  22. M

    USB Flash Photos

    Can I view photos on USB flash on 10" Viking? It lists MP4s but not photos.
  23. M

    Background Copying Software

    Hi guys I am a 14 years old Student and i was looking for a software to copy thing from my teachers pen drives (flash memory) to mine The problem is that when i ask them for doing so the refuse because of the short classes time So is there is a software for this task maybe programming a power...
  24. A

    i have lenovo ideapad z500 have problem in booting from usb

    the problem is i made a bootble usb flash to install linux and my computer don't recognize the usb even in the bios setting ..plz help
  25. B

    Dell N5050 not detecting drivers on USB flash drive.

    So I made a thread earlier about downloading drivers, and I ended up downloading all the drivers I needed onto a flash drive. So I started trying to install windows 7 and the flash drive IS detected but it says there aren't any drivers on it. all I did was download all the exes and zip files...
  26. A

    Boot AcerPower S260 from USB flash drive

    I have an AcerPower S260 which I am trying to boot from a USB flash drive. There are options in the BIOS for booting from USB-FDD, USB-ZIP, and USB-CDROM, but not from USB-HDD or USB. I've tried all of these without success. I've also looked for an option to switch from UEFI to legacy, but...
  27. 7

    USB flash drive

    I own an Onkyo TX-DS484 home audio system on which I would like to play music flash drives. The Onkyo is old but very good. But it has no aux port on the front or anywhere else. Is there an external adapter or some such that will solve my problem?
  28. E

    Can't boot CD/DVD or USB flash drive after Windows 10 installation

    Dear, I have SAMSUNG RV520 laptop. I installed Windows 10 as trial (Using USB stick). Then I decided that I don't want it and since then I have multiple times tried to reinstall but without any luck. FIrst off all I can't boot in any way. Things I have tried or I know at this momment...
  29. D

    how do I create all-in-one boot/utility drive?

    In my computer technician bag, part of my tool set includes numerous installation discs & USB flash drives for Windows, Mac & Linux OSes and numerous boot discs & USB flash drives for rescue, utility, data recovery, drive partition/cloning, etc. tools and software. Is it possible to set up a...
  30. V

    is it safe to open usb flash drive during scan?

    i have eset smart security installed on y pc. the moment i plug in any flash drive it starts scanning it automatically. now during this scanning process is it safe to access my pendrive and open files?
  31. H

    Installing Windows 10 on 16gb usb flash drive. It is possible? If yes. How?

    How to install Windows 10 on 16 gb usb drive. I tried, but my usb is not recognised in the partition table. Is there a way to do it ?
  32. Karim_2

    How to know if a dvd player read movies from usb flash?

    Okay, i know its a little awkward question, but i have to know! How do i know if a DVD player can read .mp4 movies that i downloaded from yify site and other sites? I have a dvd player that says it can read mpe-2 or something like that from a usb flash drive, but it doesn't, only if i...
  33. nVidea

    Reformatting my Acer Laptop via USB Flash Drive, eRecovery Management is Gone.

    I want to reformat my laptop via USB Flash Drive. My Acer eRecovery Management is gone and I cannot reformat my laptop. Pressing Alt F10 in boot up isn't working. F12 isn't working also. The eRecovery Management must have been deleted when I system restored my laptop a few months ago. How can I...
  34. nVidea

    Reformatting my Laptop via USB flash disk, Doesnt delete old files

    So my DVD ROM is broken, and my laptop slows down due to numerous downloads and programs. So I decided to reformat it (presently my OS is Windows 7 64-bit). My Laptop is Acer E14. Every time I turn my laptop on, I cannot seem to find the boot settings, like set my 1st boot to flash drive or CD...
  35. B

    Galaxy Tab S. Move file from usb flash to external sd card?

    Galaxy Tab S. Trying to move a file from usb stick to external sd card. There seem no options
  36. S

    is it safe to put a usb flash drive into a printer

    I got a new wifi-capable printer (HP Officejet Pro 6830), it also can print from a usb stick. Is it safe to stick a flash drive into the printer, or does that put the printer at risk of malware infection? I have seen a lot of infected flash drives, but I don't know if they can damage a printer.
  37. C

    Is it possible to use a USB flash drive both as ram and to boot OS when necessary and data ?

    I have a Lexar S35 64 GB that readyboost doesn't comply with but I've recently found there are other versatile softwares such as eboostr, primocache, primo ramdisk, though I don't know much about them. Can I partition it and leave some space (let's say 4 or 8 GB) to use as ram on one side...
  38. viveknayyar007

    How to Encrypt a USB Flash Drive

    Although there are several third-party apps available out there that would help you in encrypting USB flash drive that is connected to your Windows computer, using the built-in Windows tool named BitLocker is preferable as it is secure and requires no additional monetary investment. Before...
  39. M

    How to use usb flash drive to old home stereo

    Have an older stereo system that ROCKS. Want to plug in my flash drive filled with music but no usb plug there. Is there a converter or some adapter I can use to aux?
  40. A

    Writing a floppy image into a USB flash drive

    Ok, this is my case: I have the three install disks for MS-DOS 5.0 and I need to install it on a netbook, problem is the netbook only have USB ports so I can only install MS-DOS from USB. Before you suggest it, NO, I can't use an external USB floppy drive, I have to write the floppy image...
  41. R

    asus x44h boot from usb?

    I am trying to install w7 on asus x44h from a usb flash drive. The bios does not seem to allow the change. It only allows for hard drive or dvd boot. How do I boot from the usb flash drive? Thx!
  42. D

    MS Office 365 onto USB flash drive??

    i understand you are allowed to install license onto 5 [ Mac or PC ] computers. However, can you install Office 365 onto a USB flash drive??? Thank you, very much for your time and diligence.
  43. A

    3d on USB FLASH 3.0 225 MB/s read???

    I have panasonic tx-l47wt60e 3d led TV, can i watch 3D movie from USB 3.0 FLASH DRIVE? Which reading speed is good enough, for example kingston datatraveler hyperx ( 225MB/s read)?
  44. Sorag13

    Not connecting USB Flash driver

    Hello guys! I have Acer Iconia B1-710 and I just bought universal Micro USB Male To Female OTG Cable Problem is, then I connect my usb to tablet nothing happens, maybe you know how to fix it?
  45. C

    usb flash problem

    my USB flash need me to format it,when i do so cant accessed
  46. D

    Cannot detect usb flash drive

    Hi! I am having 1 acer 4752z with Win 7 HP, and 1 unknown branded usb flash drive. Now my problem is the laptop cannot detect that unknown flash drive but can detect all other flash drive i got in hand which are Kingston datatravelr and Adata. Thus, i thought the brand-less flash was malfunction...
  47. Akhilcool

    Should I Connect My USB Flash Drive To My TV Or Bluray Player?

    Hi, I have recently put a movie (Despicable Me) on my USB flash drive so that I can watch it on my 3D TV (Samsung ES8000) and I was wondering if I should attach it to my bluray player or directly into my TV. See I have already used both of them before and I know that they will both work fine...
  48. G

    Usb flash drive

    Hello, i bought a usb flash drive so i can play my downloaded movies on my portable dvd player and on my tv, im having some trouble with the format, i think the movies are in mpeg4 on my laptop but i think they need to be in dvd format but i dont no how to change it. aghhh help
  49. E

    Unlock kingston usb flash drive

    how can you unlock usb which is write protected?
  50. B

    Usb flash memory 64gb

    Hello, i bought this usb and i put it in computer to format but it wont in windows i went to properties and it is showing raw full i dont know what to do to format it to fats32 can you please help
  51. A

    Unlock a write-protected usb flash dive

    Hello, How do I unlock a write protected usb flash drive?
  52. T

    Iso image to usb flash drive

    Hello, hi
  53. E

    Reset password disk

    i have just brought a new msi all in one and i set it up and used it for one day then it wouldnt let me use my password it was saying "this feature requires removable media, such as a floppy disk or USB flash drive. please insert a floppy disk or connect a USB flash drive, and then try again"...
  54. E

    Solved! ISO image to USB flash

  55. J

    Solved! ISO image to USB flash

    please i went to running windows xp on my laptop what can i do?
  56. W

    Dos 6 22 usb

    I have a newer computer which I've loaded DOS 6.22 onto. How can I use my USB Flash stick? Can I address it in config.sys & autoexec.bat using mscdex.exe?
  57. G

    Solved! What is usb flash /how can it remove forgotten passwords

    how can i remove a password on acer aspire m52195 .
  58. M

    Can HP 530 boot from USB flash drive?

    Hello, I am in a need to install windows 7 from usb flash drive.. everything is OK, i have made bootable usb flash drive.... but the laptop bios do not have the option to choose to boot from usb flash drive.. however it has the options to boot from USB super disk (have no idea what thats it)...
  59. G

    Unlock writ protected USB flash disk

    Hello, I want to unlock my usb flash disk which accidentally messaged that it is write protected
  60. G

    Tron: Legacy USB Flash Drives

    Drive these light cycles up to your USB hub. Tron: Legacy USB Flash Drives : Read more