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  1. A

    Suspicious hidden user accounts

    Hi there, I accidentally stumbled across some hidden user accounts on my account by enabling hidden files. They are extremely strange, and from what I can tell have no place being there. Here is a picture with all the folders shown: I tried opening one of the files inside the hidden user...
  2. snowctrl

    Windows 10 hiding users at login

    Hi all, value your help as I think this must be a setting, but I really can't find it...? One of our PCs (running Windows 10 Enterprise) has taken to only showing a subset of the its user accounts at login. Making a new user account doesn't help - the new account is also hidden. How can I...
  3. R

    How to Add New User Accounts to Your MacBook Pro

    Adding accounts to your MacBook Pro is helpful when you have other people accessing your machine. It is also useful if you want a separate account for work and leisure. Setting them up is not a difficult job. Just follow these simple steps to get you up and running. 1.) Open Users and Groups...
  4. G

    well there are two user accounts

    the first user account is getting shut down automatically but other account works fine
  5. S

    can't delete whatsapp account

    I had my WhatsApp account on my previous phone number but I got that sim deactivated now I got a new sim and registered it with a new sim but forgot to change my number instead on WhatsApp now I cant delete my previous WhatsApp account and people can still see my profile picture and status what...
  6. Leonniar

    1 Email and 2 Google Play Accounts

    I don't know how or why it happened but it did ! It actually happened back in 2016 when i installed a new game and it told me to create a new Google Play Account (The one that has all your achievements and stuff) By the time i only had one email ONLY and i already had an Google Play Account...
  7. S

    Outlook data files problem.

    Hello, excuse my english, it's not my first language. So the problem is this: I have an old computer (lets call him ONE) and a new laptop (lets call him TWO) - both are work related. So on ONE I had two accounts on Outlook 2010- the office and the personal (I think they are squirrelmail) ...
  8. B

    Facebook account disabled

    Yesterday I got my FB account disabled and I don't know the reason why. How long does it take to get back my account?
  9. D

    Can't install VPN Client

    I have been using Nord VPN for most of the year. And then my hard disk crashed. I have been trying, unsuccessfully, for the last few weeks to re-install the Nord VPN client. It operates all the way up to the point where it has copied the files. Then it halts the final installation and...
  10. R

    Solved! I'm not seeing a create reset disc option once I click user accounts

    I'm not seeing create a reset disk after I clicked user account
  11. D

    Hacked and a user was added but I can't delete it! Help!

    Hi everyone. I was hacked about a month ago and someone remotely stole my pictures. Not a big deal though because they can't really do anything with them but look at them. Anyway, they added a user account remotely that had the same name as my normal one, but I could tell the difference between...
  12. G

    Unable to delete this account.

    HTTP ERROR 500 when trying to remove. Help!
  13. E

    Can't login to twitter because dead sim card

    So I have login verification using code sent via sms by twitter to my phone number. But for the past week, my sim card stopped working. It would display no service in any phone that I tried to use with the sim card. And now, 'cause my sim card is dead, I can't receive the verification code. I've...
  14. B

    I used my friends phone once to check my e mails now how do i remove my account from his phone without his phone

    I need to remove my account from his phone but his phone is lost and im afraid someone is checking my mails
  15. C

    Where do i upload my picture ID to get my password back and reset my password i changed and forgot how do i contact Facebook

    how do i contact Facebook? to upload my ID to get my password back and reset my password that i changed and forgot ) : how do i contact Facebook for assistance the Facebook help page is not helping please and thank you...need info <<Email address removed by moderator>>
  16. F

    Contacting twitter admins - twitter inactivity policy

    Hello, I've exhausted all my resources in order to solve a problem I'm about to present to you guys. I'm tired of copy-paste messages I've been getting from the official channels that I became quite disappointed in overall support the biggest social platforms such as Twitter have been giving...
  17. M

    Solved! How to choose a Gmail username?

    Hi all I am searching for a new account My current username is literally my full name (Morad.Tamer.Farouk) i am really sad of that because I once had a Morad.Tamer but in some online form I entered my real birth date and age and BOOM gmail shut that account then I had a Morad.Tamer.F...
  18. Cap17

    Missing Computer Setup "EDIT" button

    Hi, As the title says it's just not there (see screenshot).. any help?
  19. D

    YOUTUBE quit working. Just black screen with loading circle spinning forever.

    I have two user accounts. YOUTUBE videos quit working two days ago on my main account but work perfectly on my second account. ANY IDEAS?
  20. S

    Twitter Account log in problem

    I installed the twitter app on newly installed windows 10 on my laptop. The next day i tried to use my account on my smartphone but a message keep appearing that my account does not exist. I had been using that account for "SIX" years and suddenly one I day I log in to find out that my username...
  21. A

    i can't create account on origin

    I want to create account on origin but i am not able to make account because in country option i want to select india but there is no option showing to select india from country list because i am from india that's why i want to select india. all countries names are showing except india why...
  22. M

    my computer loads up

    my only problem is I deleted the user accounts because the computer was used but now I cant go passed the blue screen that says to begin click your user screen but no profiles how do I make my own account when I cant get to control panel?
  23. stargate14

    Game saves problem to my internet cafe.

    Hello. How can I change the user profile name to my client computers so that "Appdata" folder and "My Documents" folder shortcut become identical to all client computers? I have 25 computers to my Internet Cafe and each one has different user profile name like (C:\Users\PC01\Appdata\)...
  24. viveknayyar007

    Create a New Standard User Account in Chromebook

    Chrome OS installed on a Chromebook also allows you to create standard user accounts in addition to creating the administrators. Here is how you can create a new standard user in your Chromebook: ■Turn on your Chromebook. ■From the desktop screen, click Menu (Gear icon) from the bottom-left...
  25. tomsguideUS

    How to Add a Nickname to Your Google+ Profile

    If you want to be known by your nickname instead of your regular one and have created a Google+ account, you can add a nickname to your account. When you add a nickname to your Google+ profile, it becomes visible to all of the people who have added you in their Google+ circles. By default, no...
  26. B

    User Accounts Software Install

    How come whenever i install new software on my admin account doesnt install on my or accounts such as 'guest accounts' ?
  27. I

    a desktop pc, a monitor, a tv

    hi, i think my issue is complex, there is a desktop pc in a room which has two user accounts and there is a tv in another room which has hdmi,usb,lan socket and dlna. I want to do that: the two user accounts are opened at same time, one account is controlled at pc monitor and one account is...
  28. N

    can't open my administrative user on my lap

    hi, i have 2 user accounts on my lap, 1 is administrative account and other 1 is standardized! when i tried to logon in administrative user, it say's ''the user profile service service failed the logon. user profile cannot be loaded''
  29. S

    Win7 Blank Login Screen - No User Accounts (recovery/repair options useless)

    Hello everyone, this is my first time posting here but by no means my first time coming here for help. I have yet to come accross another forum with so many skilled and genuinely helpful individuals. I'd like thank everyone in advance for taking the time to read my post but especially those with...
  30. B

    Messing with user accounts and now cannot get into computer..Help

    Was messing around with user accounts and now I can't get in at all...asks for username and password..nothing works...HELP..
  31. C

    VNC To other account

    Hi, I have multiple User accounts, and want to access one remotely while someone is on annother account at the same time. Is this possible?
  32. G

    Mozilla Exposed 44,000 Passwords

    Mozilla confirmed that it accidentally forgot to remove a "partial database" of user accounts on a public server of the organization. Mozilla Exposed 44,000 Passwords : Read more