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    Solved! Sanyo PLV-Z1 VGA-HDMI

    There's an issue, after replacing a hard disc on my laptop HP Notebook model-17-y004no, Windows 10, and my Sanyo PLV-Z1 projector, connected via VGA-HDMI converter is no longer able to adjust to computer(actually a whole "computer adjustment menu" tab has gone missing (marked on the photo))...
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    Solved! Yamaha RX-V379 loses video if source auto shuts down

    I have an Apple TV3 connected to Yamaha RX-V379 via HDMI. If the ATV is the active source, and it shuts down due to timeout while Yamaha is still powered, the next time I power everything up, I do not receive video from ATV. I have to unplug the Yamaha to get it back. I tried switching inputs &...
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    2 Vga monitors but one hdmi port

    So I have a laptop that only has one hdmi port and 2 monitors, one monitor has only vga and the other has vga and dvi ports. I would like to have a dual monitor set up, so what is the best way to connect both?
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    VGA-HDMI not working.

    Hi Friend, I Have a HP Monitor & I want to connect it to Videocon D2H HD settop box having HDMI Port. I connected one end of VGA cable to Monitor & another to VGA to HDMI adaptor, another end of Adaptor HDMI (Male) to Settop box. I am getting "Check Video Cable" error on the screen. How to...
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    i have a HP laptop running windows 10. it has Hdmi port and VGA neither will allow me to mirror the display. My laptop display

    I cant get my HP Laptop to display on my Panansonic TV. windows 10 tried VGA and HDMI neither allow me to connect to TV. please help
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    Dual Monitor knocks out sound on Dell XPS Sound

    The moment I plug in my HDMI second monitor I don't get any sound. I have a regular monitor plugged into the port -YES Have I rebooted -YES In the sound settings is the Dell ST2410 speakers set to default -YES Have a switched the identical monitors connection -YES Did it make a difference -NO...
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    Laptop wont connect to tv using hdmi or vga

    I have a hp envy m8 and the screen is broken. You cant see anything on it but light and some colors. Usually i use a hdmi cord and connect it to my tv to use the cpu but something messed it up. When i turn it on you cant see anything until it goes to the login screen. But its not going to the...
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    Just a question about combo jack and headset.

    ASUS X555LB Left: power socket, Gigabit-Ethernet, VGA, HDMI, 2x USB 3.0, Kensington lock slot. Right: memory-card reader, combo audio jack, USB 2.0, DVD burner Will this: headset work with my Laptop (...
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    Mirroring Amazon Fire to a projector?

    Sorry for the length. Backstory is I have an ASUS MX279H monitor -- my computer is in HDMI2. Separately I have an external projector, a BenQ MS521, that mirrors the computer via an HDMI cable directly connecting them. I have the Fire Stick in HDMI1 on the monitor, which works great on the...
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    Hdmi to vga not working

    I got given a large plasma TV today and it doesn't have an hdmi or dvi port so I purchased a hdmi to vga cable however I can't get any signal or find it in Windows display settings or nvidia control panel. I have a gtx970
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    VGA Computer HDMI Monitor (In urgent need of help)

    I received a beautiful 24 inch ultrasharp monitor for Christmas this year and something unfortunate has appeared. I have an Alienware x51 r2, which does not have any hdmi ports, atleast what I can see, it has no hdmi ports. The cables that came with the monitor do not seem to fit my computer...
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    converting westinghouse hd tv 4055 to smart tv

    Hi. What is the best way to convert my TV to a smart TV? I do not have an HDMI port or a USB port and i would like to buy either appletv or an amazon firestick. I have a VGA input though . Is there a way to use the 15pin VGA ? thx
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    HDMI to VGA Converter

    I have 2 devices Device A and B and a LCD monitor M with VGA port. Device A : Laptop (HDMI output) Device B : Respberrypi 3 (HDMI output) Device S : Satellite dish TV Setup box(HDMI output). Device M: LCD Monitor VGA port (input). Device X : Some other LCD Monitor with HDMI port (input). What...
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    Confused with Philips or Panasonic

    Philips 32PFL5039/V7 240Hz HD ready Vs Panasonic TH 32C460DX 100Hz Full HD Please help me quickly.
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    Low buget monitor! Thanks

    Someone please help i want to build myself a gaming computor for around 500 and i dont have much money so although my new monitor is good but it only has vga and many graphics cards have switched from dvi-i to dvi-d so it is impossible to use adapters...
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    How to connect TV Tuner with VGA port To All in one Desktop With out Vga Port ????

    I bought a new iball tv tuner, which has vga port , But when i checked my All in one Dell desktop it doesn't have VGA port. Please suggest me wt to do? 1. VGA to HDMI converter will work or not , because desktop has HDMI port and tuner has VGA
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    pc hdmi output to tv rca

    hello, i have a strong i7 pc with a gtx 660 on it. i have an analog tv with rca connectors. i want to run a cable from my pc to my tv in order to see movies directly from my pc. question: does gtx 660 support analog output ? should i buy a cable hdmi+rca ? thank you.
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    Asus X401A VGA/HDMI Not working

    I need help, my Asus X401A Laptop has it's LCD Screen missing, including the antenna, and I'm unable to even output the video via the VGA or the HDMI
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    Laptop to TV connection

    Hi all I have read the questions regarding this but it didnt solve my problem - i have a lenovo thinkpad with a vga to hdmi adaptor which also has a usb. I was able to watch TV via the laptop with no problem but now, for some strange reason it has stopped working and what's worse is when I plug...
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    New 120/144hz Monitor for Notebook

    Hello guys, i want to buy a new Monitor for my Laptop because 60hz aren´t enough for my eyes. I often play CS:GO and other shooters and i hate tearing in games. So my question is: Can my Laptop send more then 60 with the slots that are in it ...
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    Samsung Rv520 laptop lost screen

    Hi all, My laptop screen has been broken for quite a while (totally cracked with no screen showing) thus have been using a second monitor connected to the laptop via HDMI or vga. However, last night my sister decided to reinstall windows 7 and restore the laptop as it was running slow...
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    I can't connect my HP laptop to Toshiba HDMI

    i have connected my Laptop to HDMI and it worked before but now it's not worked and it's on Extended mode but i think there is something wrong ?? any help
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    Question about HDMI inputs

    I have two HDMI inputs on my TV. One say's (DVI) next to it. When I plug my laptop into one of them the screen on the laptop seems to go to 4:3 and the picture the TV screen seems to be cut off or stretched out. If i use the other input it works fine. I haven't noticed if it makes a difference...
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    Connect laptop with HDMI port to a projector with VGA

    Hello!I have a laptop Dell Inspiron 3521, running Windows 8.1, and a projector Acer X110 DLP. The laptop has an HDMI port, but the projector has only a VGA. I bought a cable with golden edges, but I'm still not able to connect them. I'm sure that everything is working, both ports + I changed the...
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    Toshiba Laptop is connected to HDTV via VGA but tv shows a black screen!

    Hi guys, I have an old Toshiba Equium Vista Premium 32bit. I used to connect my laptop without problems to projectors and tvs until one day it stopped working. Basically, I connect my laptop to my tv as usual via VGA cable, I can see both monitors in Device managers, drivers do not need further...
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    No picture on HDTV connected to laptop

    I have a Toshiba laptop with Windows 7 operating system. I recently purchased a VGA- HDMI connecting cord and when my laptop is running, I see no picture on my TV (which is set to the appropriate input, I believe). I'm not sure what to do next. Any help would be great! Thank you.
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    No picture on HDTV connected to laptop

    I have a Toshiba laptop with Windows 7 operating system. I recently purchased a VGA- HDMI connecting cord and when my laptop is running, I see no picture on my TV (which is set to the appropriate input, I believe). I'm not sure what to do next. Any help would be great! Thank you.
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    getting laptop display via VGA/HDMI converter

    hi all, i'm trying to connect my toshiba laptop to my panasonic tv. as this lap top only has VGA (out) and my TV only has HDMI (in). I've bought a VGA/HDMI adapter - I can't get it to work. any ideas on what could be going wrong? i've been through appropriate control panels ad nauseum - but i...