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  1. F

    Increasing video memory on a laptop?

    So over the year or so that I've had it, I've been upgrading my dell Latitude D630. I've added a higher clocked CPU, a larger hard drive, and 2gb more RAM. However, when I added the memory, I noticed two things: A. My windows experience index does not rise in the gaming category and B. There is...
  2. G

    Lenovo Z585 video memory help

    Hey so I have the Lenovo Z585, and it has 512mb of dedicated video memory. and 2.9gb of shared video memory. So it has a descent amount of dedicated memory but will the shared memory also help out maybe give me performance near 1gb of dedicated memory? And would that benefit if i got 8gb of ram...
  3. J

    Graphic Memory Intel HD 4000 Review or Performance

    Hello, What is the performance of Intel HD Graphic 4000? How many GB or MB is Intel HD 4000 video memory?
  4. D

    Do higher dedicated video memory in graphic chips of a laptop heat more?

    Hello, I am in a dilemma whether higher dedicated video memory of the graphic chips like Nvidia or ATI Radeon cause the laptop to heat more? I'm planning on buying a Sony Vaio laptop and I'm down to two choices which differ in their graphic card memory, one has a 1GB ATI Radeon and the other has...
  5. C

    Dedicated or Shared Video Memory?

    Hi, I am looking at new laptops, and I have found two different Intel Video memory types: Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics 3000 with 128MB of dedicated system memory, supporting Microsoft® DirectX® 10.1 Or Intel® HD graphics Feature 64-1696MB shared video memory for lush images and vivid...
  6. G

    Video ram acer aspire one

    how can i increase video memory on a aspire one (a150). I have 2g ram but i cannot change the setting on bios it is fixed on 8mb
  7. D

    7670m vs 6650m

    Hello, i was about to purchase a laptop with a 6650m and a a6 3400 but i noticed another with a 7670m and a 3420m so is the 7670m really much better than 6650m or just a rebrand i want to know the performance in games my problem being i have to cancel my order and wait for a laptop with 7670m...
  8. U

    B950 video memory confusion

    I got a Dell Inspiron N4050 from the cheif ministor of punjab, Pakistan.As a reward. Intel Pentium Duel core B950 2 GB DDR3 320 GB Hard disk The point that is causing the confusion is that it is showing only 64MB of video memorey (and 783MB shared memory), while B950 have 256MB of video...
  9. asad393

    Can i install windows 7 home premium on hp mini 110

    hi, can i install windows 7 home premium on my hp mni 110 with 1 gb or ram..and 256 or something more video memory.
  10. W

    How to change system video memory in Windows7

    Hi, after formating my notebook, the graphics properties changed and in particular the System Vedio Memory became 0. what can i do to restore or normalise it..?
  11. R

    How to share ram memory to video memory

    i need some to help me on how to do this i have a acer aspire one D255E n455. when i see in the bios only 8mb in video memory 2gb on my ram i want to share my ram memory to video memory i ask also if 8mb in video memory are fix or i can shae it more from my ram memory pls help me on how to do...
  12. M

    How to unlock bios acer to put more dedicated video memory

    Hello, i have an Acer Extensa 5630 and i want to get my dedicated video memory on my intel media accelerator 4500MHD from 64 to 256 or maybe 512 but 256 should do it for playing Pro Evolution soccer :D but i have a problem , i can't change the shared video memory in the bios it is simply locked...
  13. Electro 121

    Dell Latitude D600

    yo, anybody know how or if you can upgrade the video memory on a dell latitude d600?
  14. T

    GPU, Blu-Ray, & dedicated video memory

    I'm looking at buying a new laptop and wondering if 1GB of video memory is enough to watch Blu-Ray movies or can I go with 512 and save some money? -GPU: GeForce 9600M GT (dedicated, not integrated) -CPU: C2D 2.53ghz or higher (havent decided yet) -RAM: 4GB DDR2 or DDR3 (havent decided yet) -L2...
  15. S

    Laptop Video Cards.

    Between these three video cards what one is the best in your opinion? -Dual NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT SLI (Video Meomory: 512MB + up to 1g...bascially) -nVidia GeForce 9500M GS (Video Memory: 512MB Dedicated + Up to 768MB of shared memory) -ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 2400 XT (Video Memory...
  16. J

    Quick question, need help..

    Hey all, I'd like to know what it means when system specs say "Expandable Video Memory - Yes up to 358MB" and "Video Memory - Expandable Up To 358MB"... The Graphics Chipset is the Mobile Intel GMA X1300, in a Toshiba Satellite A200-FS2 notebook. When I bring up the graphics properties window...
  17. N

    Dual 8700m GT vs single 8800m GTX

    Yo, I'm trying to finalise my specs for my new machine and I'd just like a bit of help. Having looked at reviews and scores and innumerable graphs it would appear that a single 8800 GTX generally outperforms dual 8700 GT's. My question is whether it's worth it to buy a rig with dual 8700's as...
  18. V

    HP dv6561ee w/ 8400

    I am just about to buy a HP dv6561ee and have a few questions about its graphics card. 1. The specs pages states the notebook has 64MB of dedicated video memory with up to 319MB with...