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    Solved! Help with a laptop and a monitor

    Hi so i was wondering if this laptop can run on my 144hz screen ViewSonic XG2402 2 the laptop only has hdmi and 1x USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C 1. can i get at list 120hz with that laptop on my screen if i buy an adaptor or...
  2. W

    View sonic projector

    I have a Viewsonic projector it's about 10 years old. It is connected to the AV receiver currently. It has S/Video, Video, VGA and RS 232 connectors. The AV receiver is broke so I want to by pass the receiver and connect it directly to Roku and connect Bluetooth speaker system. I want to...
  3. H

    Viewsonic projector pj500-2 inputs not working.

    I just acquired a viewsonic pj500-2 it powers up and looks great but the only problem is none of the inputs seem to work. I hooked it up to my laptop with vga and the computer recognizes it as a monitor but the projector says no input. Also says no input when hooking up DVD to composite input...
  4. C

    Sound system for Apple TV & Projector

    I have a ViewSonic HD projector and apple tv that I plan to use in lieu of a tv. My home sound system is sonos plays, but I'd like to find something comparable to a Playbar/base that is a little more economical. I have seen some posts out there but I don't know enough to sort out exactly what...
  5. R

    Monitor Speaker Viewsonic

    how to make viewsonic XG2701 speakers work?
  6. W

    Viewsonic VSD220 bypass password

    Hi everyone! I recently got a hold of a used Viewsonic VSD220 all in one Monitor/Tablet and is password protected. Is there a way to do a Factory or Hard Reset of the unit. All of the suggestions on the net involve pressing a combination of volume, plus, and or power button. This unit has only...
  7. M

    Viewsonic Pro 8200 Projector V position locked

    Having an issue with the menu screen. the V position Option in audio/video menu is grayed out and i can change it. now the V position is all the way up and i have to tilt the projector significantly if i want to view it properly. Any Idea on how i can unlock that menu item to bring the v...
  8. D

    Should I combine PS4 and Viewsonic VX 2776

    Hi, I've got a PS4 and I want to buy a monitor to play game. Viewsonic 2776 is my choice, but the problem is the sound from PS4. Can I connect PS4 to Viewsonic 2776 with HDMI and then connect a speaker to the audio output jack of Viewsonic to produce the sound? Please help me. Thanks
  9. J

    Looking for instructions for my viewsonic n2751w t.v. power lock instructions

    I habe no remotecfor this t.v and meed to figure out how i can operate the power lock
  10. H

    Flashing Charging Light on Toshiba Satellite C855D; Unreliable Power

    I have a Toshiba Satellite C855D, which takes 19 V and 3.42 A. The charging adapter I'm using is not an original; it is a ViewSonic adapter that outputs 19 V and 3.16 A. When I plug in the charging cord, the charging light flashes yellow-orange. However, it takes some twisting before the cord...
  11. H

    Viewsonic VA1912WB Black Screen Problem

    I have a Viewsonic VA1912WB 19" monitor and the screen is black and power light is a solid green. If I keep turning it on and off (like 30 or 40 times), eventually the screen will appear and stay. It takes multiple times to work and it will flicker with brief horizontal lines then go black or...
  12. R

    Projector Bulb Question

    I have an older projector (Viewsonic Pro8100) and it's displaying the dreaded 'bulb is approaching the end of it's useful life' message. Looking on-line, the prices for suitable bulbs seem to vary from about $45 to over $200. Has anyone had any experience with the cheaper bulbs or is it a case...
  13. S

    Viewsonic Pro8200 Projector - Image adjustment

    Hello all, New to the forums and am looking for a little bit of help with my Viewsonic Pro 8200. It seems that no matter what settings I adjust on the projector, I cannot get the entire image to have 90-degree corners. In other words, the image appears as a trapezoid with the lower left and...
  14. B

    Monitor won't stay on

    My Viewsonic is a few years old, and has worked good until now. When I turn it on it just blinks off and on like there is a loose connection. I've hooked up a different monitor to the same computer and it works just fine. Can this be fixed?
  15. G

    Witch of this monitors is better?

    Hey so one of my friends is thinking of buying a High refresh rate monitor and I cant decide between these two: or the price difference is minimal...
  16. pekalicious

    Looking for a switch that exports 3x 3.5mm audio

    Here's my current set up: ■ Logitech Z506 5.1 sound system that accepts 3x 3.5mm jacks for 5.1ch and/or 2x RCA for Stereo ■ PC with GIGABYTE GA-Z68XP-UD3 mobo that has 3x 3.5mm for the 5.1ch ■ ViewHD Multi-functional HDMI Converter Switch 8 Inputs to One HDMI Output ■ ViewSonic monitor that...
  17. exfileme

    ViewSonic Intros 7-Inch ICS Tablet for $170 USD

    ViewSonic looks to take on Amazon's Kindle Fire with a sub-$200 7-inch tablet of its own... with Ice Cream Sandwich to boot. ViewSonic Intros 7-Inch ICS Tablet for $170 USD : Read more
  18. exfileme

    New ViewSonic Display Extends Tablet Screen Wirelessly

    This universal display supposedly streams content from a smartphone or tablet via a Wi-Fi connection instead of the typical HDMI cable. New ViewSonic Display Extends Tablet Screen Wirelessly : Read more
  19. exfileme

    ViewSonic Reveals ViewPad 10e with IPS Display

    ViewSonic is launching yet another Android tablet in November featuring a 9.7-inch IPS display. ViewSonic Reveals ViewPad 10e with IPS Display : Read more
  20. exfileme

    ViewSonic ViewPad 7x Landing Stateside in October

    ViewSonic's Honeycomb-powered, 7-inch ViewPad 7x tablet will arrive late next month for a tasty price of $379 USD. ViewSonic ViewPad 7x Landing Stateside in October : Read more
  21. G

    Microsoft Adds ViewSonic, Acer to Android Licensees

    Android continues to be a gold mine for Microsoft. ViewSonic and Acer are the latest two companies to have signed patent licensing agreements with Microsoft. Microsoft Adds ViewSonic, Acer to Android Licensees : Read more
  22. exfileme

    $199 ViewPad Ready for Pre-Orders on Amazon

    Viewsonic's ViewPad 7e is now available for pre-order on Amazon, but currently there's no estimated street date. $199 ViewPad Ready for Pre-Orders on Amazon : Read more
  23. A

    Viewsonic lcd monitor problems with sony vio 32 bit OS laptop not able to come d

    Hello, hi i have sony vaio laptop with 32bit OS and wants to connect to the view sonic monitor but display is not coming on LCD
  24. exfileme

    ViewSonic's Dual-Boot ViewPad Available for $599+

    ViewSonic has launched its "dual-boot" ViewPad 10pro tablet, but it will cost a pretty penny (or a few limbs). ViewSonic's Dual-Boot ViewPad Available for $599+ : Read more
  25. S

    Solved! Viewsonic tv problems

    My Viewsonic TV model N3250w. Problem to turn on have to press swich 50 times befor TV will start,what can be done about it ? Guenther Szymanski
  26. L

    Can't decide on Tablet

    I was going to pick up the Viewsonic G-Tablet, but now Archos just unveiled their new Honeycomb Tablets that are due to come out in September. Is it worth waiting till then or not?
  27. B

    10 inch tablets

    Hello, looking for opinions on android tablets- asus transformer--samsung galaxy--also what about viewsonic dual os?
  28. exfileme

    ViewSonic Launches ''Value Priced'' 7-Inch Tablet

    ViewSonic's new tablet looks to trump Barnes & Noble's Froyo-powered NOOK Color in features and price. ViewSonic Launches ''Value Priced'' 7-Inch Tablet : Read more
  29. exfileme

    ViewSonic Launching 7-Inch Honeycomb Tablet

    ViewSonic has crammed honeycomb into a 7-inch Tegra 2 tablet. ViewSonic Launching 7-Inch Honeycomb Tablet : Read more
  30. D

    Using Viewsonic PJD6531W with PS3- Need Help

    I recently purchased this projector and was wondering how it is possible to set up my PS3 so it can display 3D? I have read of people doing it, but for the life of me, I can't find a way to enable the 3D options, even after setting my project to to display DLP-Link 3D. I contacted customer...
  31. R

    Best Way To Add Extra Monitor?

    yeah, i have a Asus G73JH with a ViewSonic VP2365wb plugged into my HDMI port. I want to add another of the same ViewSonic but like most laptops you can only have any two monitors running at the same time. i have been trying to find a workaround and have looked at the Aluratek USB Hi-Res 1920 x...
  32. K

    Viewsonic N2750W code for universal remote control?

    Please help to find correct code for Viewsonic N2750w.. I am using code from universal remote control to set up but it doesn`t work, any one have same problem and had been solved? Thanks
  33. exfileme

    ViewSonic Unveils New 4-Inch Tablet

    ViewSonic is adding a new 4.1-inch model to its ViewPad line of tablets. ViewSonic Unveils New 4-Inch Tablet : Read more
  34. exfileme

    ViewSonic ViewPads Dated for North America

    ViewSonic's 7-inch Android tablet is due late 2010. ViewSonic ViewPads Dated for North America : Read more
  35. G

    Viewsonic 22-inch Multitouch Display Hits Europe

    Backpacking in Europe? Grab Viewsonic's supersized multitouch monitor, while you're at it. Viewsonic 22-inch Multitouch Display Hits Europe : Read more
  36. V

    Solved! Viewsonic 27 inch flat screen turning self off

    I have a flat screen Viewsonic. The screen itself is 27 1/2 inches wide. Whether it is connected to cable or not, it turns itself off, then on again after a few minutes, then off, etc.. Please help!
  37. exfileme

    ViewSonic's Dual-Boot Tablet Named ViewPad 100

    Double the OS, double the love. ViewSonic's Dual-Boot Tablet Named ViewPad 100 : Read more
  38. exfileme

    ViewSonic 7-inch Tablet Will Ship with Froyo

    ViewSonic officially announced its 7-inch tablet, the ViewPad 7. ViewSonic 7-inch Tablet Will Ship with Froyo : Read more
  39. exfileme

    27'' ViewSonic LCD Does Full HD, 1ms Response

    ViewSonic is claiming "world's first" with this upcoming LCD panel. 27'' ViewSonic LCD Does Full HD, 1ms Response : Read more
  40. G

    Solved! Viewsonic NX3251W LCD power issues

    Hello, My LCD TV does not power up. The power LED no longer lights up. Any ideas? The screen is totally black.
  41. exfileme

    ViewSonic Revealed 8.9-inch Tegra, Android Tablet

    ViewSonic's tablet sports Google Chrome and Nvidia's Tegra T20 chipset. ViewSonic Revealed 8.9-inch Tegra, Android Tablet : Read more
  42. M

    Power button locked on Viewsonic N2750w tv

    Viewsonic N2750w I bought a used Viewsonic N2750w hdtv and the power button on the front of the tv displays power button locked so it must be turned from a switch on the back of the TV. Is there some way to unlock the front power switch?
  43. C

    Help With Projector

    Hello everyone, I have been looking at projectors for awhile and have come between two: Mitsubishi HC3000u and a Viewsonic PJD5351. I am on a budget of about $450 and I can get both of these for under that. The Mitsubishi is a home theater projector while the Viewsonic is a business projector. I...
  44. B

    Question regarding PS3 & HDTV

    Hey guys, currently i own a 37" Viewsonic HDTV 720p. When i play the playstation 3, the pictures are not that good as the pixels are big. Now the question: If i buy a 37" HDTV 1080p, will the graphic improve? Or it will not improves as the games are only supported by 720p? Thnx
  45. V

    Viewsonic - PSeries P225f (HOW Does one UNLOCK THE OCD??)

    As the subject says, How do you unlock the OCD for this monitor? Thanks Guys
  46. R

    Questions about Viewsonic N2750W

    Does anyone own one of these TVs? I am a bit confused as to what the specs really are on this model - on their website Viewsonic claims they are 1366 x 768, 8 ms response time but retailers seem to think they are 1280 x 720, 16 ms response time. Maybe there is a newer version available of this...
  47. G

    Viewsonic V35

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) I have an exchange server at work and I am trying to sync but keep on getting an error..... Unable to connect. Verify your dialup or proxy settings are correct, and try again. Error Code: CONNMGR_36 I am just hooked up via the cradle.