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  1. W

    MacBook Pro or Thinkpad T-520 for Visual Basic and C++ programming?

    I started my first semester in University and I am majoring in IT. I used my excess loans to buy myself a MacBook Pro 2015 model 15'' display. I'm very happy with my purchase and I have been using more out of it daily than ever. However, I am choosing some programming classes on next semester...
  2. S

    Translating Code to Machine Language

    How exactly is Visual Basic, Basic, and Assembly code converted/translated to machine language step by step in terms of compilers, interpreters, and assemblers?
  3. M

    Background Copying Software

    Hi guys I am a 14 years old Student and i was looking for a software to copy thing from my teachers pen drives (flash memory) to mine The problem is that when i ask them for doing so the refuse because of the short classes time So is there is a software for this task maybe programming a power...
  4. E

    Looking to convert a visual basic app to an online app

    I have a very comprehensive energy analysis Visual Basic program that I'd like to convert to a multi-platform online app. Does anyone have experience with this process? What is involved for it to be compatible with all devices?
  5. Rainfire

    How do I make a yes or no question with different outcomes depending on input?

    I have Programming in Basic in High School and was tasked with a project in which I was to make a program that says hello to the teacher as well as give a paragraph describing why programming is valuable in today's time. My initial idea was to make a program that greets and asks the teacher a...
  6. R

    Downloading Visual Basic 2010?

    Visual Basic 2010 has had a special place in my heart for some time now, but i can't find it anywhere on the visual basic website.. Does anyone know a safe place where i can download visual basic 2010? Thanks in advance! :)
  7. RAZER Gamer

    Visual Basic Maximum, Minimum and Mean numbers program

    I am currently working on a Visual Basics program to work out the Maximum, Minimum and Mean of the numbers inputted. I currently have it working with up to 50 numbers but I cannot get the Mean to work. The other problem I have is that I want to be able to enter an infinite amount of numbers and...
  8. Cathroad

    Word 2013 Error "The visual basic environment cannot be initialized"

    When I open Word I get this VB hasn't initialized error. In details is says it can be caused by lack of RAM or HDD space which I have plenty of. I have deleted normal.dotm with no luck. And I couldn't find VBE7.dll on my system anywhere. Specs: Windows 10 Home Core i5 4670K Asus R9 270X 16 GB...
  9. RAZER Gamer

    Visual Basic coding for GCSE work

    I have just started my Computer Science GCSE and have learnt the very basics, this work isn't for GCSE but is still being marked. I was wondering if anyone could help me add a loop to this code: Imports System.Console Imports System.Math Module Module1 Private Function CtoF(Celsius As...
  10. M

    Can I decompile a VB 5 exe

    Am selling an executable Visual Basic 5, can this executable be decompiled to produce a workable source code or be used to read a large data file used with the executable?
  11. K

    connection string in app.exe.config

    Hello I have a Visual Basic 2010 programm that uses a .mdb Access database. In my programm I have the literals: con.ConnectionString = "PROVIDER=Microsoft.JET.OLEDB.4.0;"Data Source=c:\test.mdb" This words fine in my IDE. But when I compile it, ,and with that there is an "app.exe.config"...
  12. I

    I have the similar case like that

    I'm doing a project in vb6 i have a data where when i search it should give multiple answers in combo box. example i have a debtor code each debtor code as more than one addresses when i search in one debtor code how can i get multiple addresses in the combo box. my search engine command as...
  13. MrAlaweey98

    Guys Please Help!!! (Visual Basic)

    Guys I am making a simple program in Visual Basic 2010. With it I am doing a test table to test for Normal, Extreme and Unexpected. The variable I am testing is a string and can't find any Unexpected data for it.... is there any????????
  14. M

    How do you find/access and VBE6.DLL files?

    I have Win 8.1 and am using MS Office Pro 2003 and it's been working fine... whenever I open Word an error box pops up telling me that the Visual Basic environment could not be initialized and provides some help info such as: "the error could because the file is corrupt and/or the...
  15. A

    Visual Basic Importing and reading a random line from a csv file

    I hope I posted this in the correct category, I chose the best one for my problem in my opinion. I am writing a program in visual basic which is rather simplistic for the most part, what I need it to do is to read from a csv file and then choose a line from that csv file at random. there are...
  16. T

    [VBA] Intercept Dropbox's sync status

    hi all, i'm tryng through visual basic for application (VBA) to intercept the dropxbox's sync status of my pc's application. I want to know if dropbox has finished the sync operation. Does anyone know how i can do that? is there any file where i can read this information? Antonio
  17. V

    Visual Basic Dropbox txt file help

    I'm trying to make a program that has a textbox and a button and make it so that when you press the button, it looks into a text file on dropbox, and reads it and if the textbox has the text that the text file has, make it trigger something. If somebody could please help me, I would really...
  18. V

    Help With Visual Basic Please

    I'm trying to make this login but I'm having some trouble. This is my code so far. I put this code into the login button: Private Sub loginbutton_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles loginbutton.Click 1 Dim InputUser As String 2 Dim InputPass As String 3...
  19. G

    Visual BASIC Checkboxes

    I am trying to make a multiple choice quiz in Visual BASIC and I am in need of the code needed to make one checkbox the correct one and tyhe other 3 register as incorrect if the player chooses it. It would be helpful to have a score counter as well. I am reletaviely new to VB, it is my first...
  20. G

    Compile .vb into .exe?

    I made a progam in Visual Basic Express 2010, but then I realized I didn't know how to compile it into an .exe file. This is my very first program. I don't know if the Express can compile it. If not, is there a free program out there that will?
  21. N

    Component msflxgrd ocx one of its dependiency not correctly registered

    Hello, sir/madam when i establish my connection in visual basic after test connection suceeded a error shown "component 'MSFLXGRD.OCX' or one of its dependency not correctly regestered : a file missing or invalid " this type of message box is shown so what i do to prevent this.........please...
  22. 2

    Visual Basic tips for Excel

    Hello, I'd like to gather resources on learning VBA and best practices. Can someone help me, with offering up some website links and other online resources?
  23. GoldenI

    Check boxes in visual basic (quick question)

    How do I add values of check boxes together when calculating them? For example, if I have a checkbox labeled hairstyle and the value of that is $125, and another check box is labeled "Makeup" with a price of $300, how would I be able to add those two together when I calculate them? I have four...
  24. I

    Finding a Program

    At school I'm learning BASIC (not visual basic). We have to use Macs in class but I only own windows.. We use FutureBASIC. I've searched around and haven't been able to find a windows equivalent. Only Visual Studio which is for Visual Basic not Basic. So does anyone know of any programs that...
  25. G

    Looking For A Laptop, Need Your Help, Thank You =)

    Hello, I need a laptop and i searched for it.Unfortunately my budget is low (around 700 dollar) My real purpose to buy a laptop is that i have to run solidworks 2010, matlab, visual basic etc. programs which an engineering student needs. =) Playing games is not much important for me, if the...
  26. P

    Solved! Is turbo c work on intel atom processor

    i want to know that is turbo c , netbeans, sql ,visual basic softwares will work with Intel Atom processor.
  27. S

    Solved! Comparison between core2duo or i3 proccesor according to dell laptops

    Hello,i want 2 kno which one is more comfertable proccesor either core2duo or i3 for c,c++,java,cobol,visual basic,
  28. K

    Which files a program uses? VB6

    Hi I have made a program in Visual Basic 6 in my PC. And then I have built an application .exe of it through the VB Auto .exe builder. But the problem is that when I try to run that .exe file from other computer. It gives file missing error, different at different computers. I had to submit the...
  29. 7

    Windows 3.11

    Does anyone know where Visual Basic 3 and Access 2.0 can be purchased that run on Windows For Workgroups 3.11?
  30. 7

    WFW 3.11

    I have a need to purchase Visual Basic 3 for Windows for Workgroups 3.11. I also need to purchase Access 2.0. Does anyone know where these might be purchased?
  31. D

    Visual Basic C++ 2008. Need help.

    Hello.:) I'm developing a C++ program which downloads files. I want to show the files that are available in a database, (maybe by using a listbox?) and then allow the user to select it and download the file by pressing a download button. I've made the overall design of the program in Visual...
  32. Pyroflea

    Visual Basic - Need Some Help

    Just started doing some VB again after about a year and a half. I'm making a calculator with a pretty specific purpose. I know how to make the program with buttons, but I can't seem to remember how you go about having things automatically calculate as you enter values, or if that's even...
  33. A

    How to use VBA in excel or other apps

    its okay to learn a bit of Visual basic in some ways and reasons for just leranig the ins and outs of software and how do software interact with one another in the hardware sort can you give me some tips or tutorials on how to really start how to use VBA for a nobbie like me?
  34. M