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  1. J

    Solved! Moto 3g direcly to voice mail

    My Moto 3G worked fine until three days ago, when suddenly all incoming calls go directly to voice mail. How do I correct that?
  2. L

    forgot password for voicemail

    forgot password for voice mail, how do I get a new one
  3. T

    iPhone8 voice mail access

    I am unable to change my greeting from the default to the custom greeting and also unable to retrieve any of my voicemails. I have visited the AT&T shop and they were unable to fix this problem. I have done all the trouble shooting both AT&T and Apple Inc. has offered. I have a brand new...
  4. A

    incoming calls go to vm

    all incoming calls go straight to voice mail, phone has no ringtone
  5. B

    Do they not want to talk to me?

    Am I being blocked? Why, when I call some cellphones, does it ring about 6 times, then go silent for awhile, then go to voice mail?
  6. O

    How do I set up my cell phone voice mail?

    I have Verizon Wireless cell phone service. I’ve got the deal with unlimited voice and texting, with 3 GB of data per month. My phone is an LG Optimus Zone 3, running Android. How do I set up my voice mail?
  7. P

    Lost voice mail

    I read a voice mail and saved it. Don't know where to find it. Pat
  8. JaymanHD

    No caller ID (reveal)

    Hello, I have received a call that has the "no caller id" tag, so probably used *67 and I want to find out who it is. I don't know about you, but I absolutely hate calls like this. Whoever it was, left a voice mail (8 seconds long) with two breaths. It didn't sound like a hate message, yet it...
  9. Ralston18

    "Windows Services" license expired scam - Telephone call

    Just received a telephone voice mail message that got past my "Nomorobo" protection. Voice message call from "Windows Services" claiming that my license key for Microsoft Windows has expired. And that Microsoft Windows has been stopped on my computer. [Not True.] Female voice claimed it...
  10. J

    How do I retrieve an accidentally deleted on a Samsung Galaxy S5

    I accidentally deleted the voice mail before I even listened to it. Please help!
  11. D

    Removing voicemail notification without calling voicemail

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 with 4G, and from time to time I get phone calls which go to voicemail. This creates a notification that goes on the lock screen and in the notification area. I've tried everything I can to remove or disable these notifications, but I can't seem to find a solution...
  12. S

    Deleted voice mail

    Is there a way to retrieve an accidentally deleted voice message from my Galaxy S7?
  13. C

    voice mail passwork

    how to change my password to get into my voice mail have a samsung phone
  14. D

    how can i retrieve deleted voice mail messages on droid maxx

    Accidently deleted an important message on voicemail that doesn't show up as a missed call, how do I retrieve it (if possible)
  15. D

    ne but it still didn't ring and now I can't hear my voice mail what does that m

    I don't know what to do
  16. C

    straight talk is a verizon company?

    when you call a straight talk phone the voice-mail sounds exactly like Verizon's is straight talk a verizon company?
  17. J

    voicemail number deleted

    I managed to delete my voice mail number and now when I want to listen to my voicemail messages it says that there is no voicemail number and asks me to add the number, but I do not know what it is. My phone is a galaxy ace and I am on a uk pay as you go orange sim card. Thank you
  18. L

    How to retrieve voicemail and text on Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    HI I have accidentally deleted texts from my phone that is a evidence to court as well as the voice mail from that person had disappeared. Can someone help me how to retrieve them. Thanks
  19. V

    want to retreive deleted voice mail on samsung galaxy s4 mini

    want to retreive deleted voice mail on samsung galaxy s4 mini
  20. S

    Retrieve the Last voicemail for a samsung galaxy s4

    How do I retrieve the last voice mail I deleted after it been erased from a samsung galaxy s4
  21. J

    Can I download/copy audio voicemal messages fro a Nokia 6500 to my desktop?

    I have a voice mail message that I wish to keep and need to download it if it is possible onto my desktop computer. Has anyone done this or have any tips of how to do this?
  22. filthy_beava

    Can anyone clear up this voice mail?

    Wondering if someone could clear up this voice mail for me to hear what is being said, I have no idea how to do so, Any help would be greatly appreciated. http://picosong.com/qCax
  23. D

    deleted tex messages

    I had to reset my Samsung phone model S7560MVLAMF2 factory data restore and lost all my tex messages and voice mail. Is there a way to retrieve what I have Lost
  24. D

    How can you get deleted text and voice mail messages on an android phone?

    Is it possible to recover deleted texts or voicemail messages on a Samsung Captivate (I897) android? If so how?
  25. J

    voice msil on galsxy 5

    I csnnot find my voice mail on my galaxy 5 phone
  26. H

    samsung mobile can't hear callers and they can't hear me

    Not sure how to fix my samsung mobile phone. I can't hear people calls or voice mail. When I make a call I can't hear the dialling and can't hear the other person!! Help!! Thanks
  27. D

    Deleted message

    I accidentally deleted a voice mail. How can I get it back?
  28. C

    Can u send certain callers into voice mail with iphone44

    Im going to be purchasing a iPhone 4 8 gb can you send certain callers straight into voice mail. The phone I have now I can do that with that is one feature I use and love alot :D
  29. A

    Accessing voice mail from LG VX10

    Ho do I access voice mail messages on my lg phone?
  30. S

    Blocking phone numbers from calling and texting cell phone

    hi, i seek your kind assistance to assist me to block an unwanted call/sms from particular no/person. i dunt want even a track of calls showing any missed call or voice-mail reply, as if the calls never been made to my cell. thks
  31. G

    Finading out who a verizon phone is

    i need to find out whos calling my number when i answer they want talk and when i call back they want say anything or they will send it to voice mail
  32. wolffmichael7

    Voice mail

    Mom has an LG phone with Verizon as the provider. When she gets a call, it often goes to voice mail before she can answer it. How do we increase the number of rings before it goes to voice mail? :heink: We appreciate the assistance.
  33. R

    My Tmobile Login

    Hello,i lost my touch ph iwanted too know. how too get my voice mail from the phone i lost,
  34. R

    How do I setup voice mail and text messaging on a i68 4g phone?

    How do I setup voicemail and text messaging on a sciphone i68 4g?