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  1. M

    I have a voodoo laptop cant identifie

    Need help it has it all. No numbers though Voodoo envy
  2. S

    Solved! nGlide or Real Voodoo?

    Is there any difference between nGlide and real Voodoo card?
  3. C

    Replacement for a Voodoo laptop

    I've been the owner of a voodoo laptop for quite a while now, this thing has served me well. Have used a lot of laptops but the experience i got from this one was quite unique. I'm in the market to replace it, unfortunately there's no more voodoo since it was bought by HP.... as every little...
  4. B

    I love the Voodoo Envy 133 design,im looking for a laptop that looks

    hello,I love the Voodoo Envy 133 design,I'm looking for a laptop that looks like it as its not for sale anymore! Any ideas what i could buy like it,or how i could get this laptop?
  5. G

    Dell/Alienware, HP/Voodoo, Gateway/FX: Branding Power

    Analyst Opinion - TG Daily recently took a look at the new Dell XPS 730 H2C and spoke about an interesting notion on how this new system was invading Alienware's territory. Dell/Alienware, HP/Voodoo, Gateway/FX: Branding Power : Read more
  6. Phrozt

    Why would anyone buy a voodoo laptop?

    I just speced one out to look like the normal laptops that I've been looking into, and it's $3000 more for the same stuff. So... basically... you pay $3000 for spraypaint... unless I'm missing something...
  7. I

    laptop...whats best company

    hey guys what would you say the best company for buying a laptop is?...alienware and voodoo and falcon-nw are too pricy...and i customized a fairly good laptop for a good price with HP...what do you guys think is the best company to go with? budget around 1500
  8. F

    University Laptop with Extras - Help

    Hey guys/gals trying to decide on a laptop to use in University that is stable, can play games like World of Warcraft (but not a desktop replacement) and a company with good customer service. My currently location is Toronto, ON Canada. So I searched for close dealers and the best one I found...
  9. F

    gaming laptop!

    voodoo/ alianware/ I buy power/falcon Can some one help! I am looking for cheap one with at least 2.3 Gh I buy power called after 3 weeks that my order could not be done! They no longer had that laptop! 3weeks I was waiting! They charged my card in 2 seconed! :!: voodoo is out of my paycheck...
  10. G

    LD quality differences

    Archived from groups: alt.video.laserdisc (More info?) Laserdisc folks, Why do some laserdiscs look terrible(1st season ST:TNG), but others look great(Rolling Stones: Voodoo lounge). I don't understand how a company can release such a poor looking disc while another company, their...
  11. R

    voodoo 3 driver for winxp

    I am trying to download the driver for Voodoo 3 for winxp. I went to voodoofiles.com, but there are too many to choose from. Can anyone give me a direct link please.