University Laptop with Extras - Help


May 30, 2006
Hey guys/gals trying to decide on a laptop to use in University that is stable, can play games like World of Warcraft (but not a desktop replacement) and a company with good customer service.

My currently location is Toronto, ON Canada. So I searched for close dealers and the best one I found was Voodoo in AB Cananda and decided I would look at their stuff, presently I am looking at the following laptop.


4.5 Pounds with battery and drives
12.1" WSXGA+ 1280x768
High Gloss Wide Screen
12 x 8.6 x 1 inches (WxDxH)
talladega BLACK
Tattoo - No Thanks!
Allure Finish


Voodoo ENVY Featherweight a:228 Notebook
Voodoo Performance and Stability Re-Engineering
Voodoo Disaster Recovery System II
Voodoo EDGE Mousing Surface
Voodoo Koeskin System Binder
Free VoodooPC T-Shirt
IS09001:2000 Quality Control Standards
Voodoo ENVY Featherweight a:228
AMD Turion 64 MT-30 Processor
1 Gig Crucial DDR-333LL Memory Kit
Seagate 80 gig 7200
Voodoo ENVY Super Slim DVD+-RW
ATi RS480 High Intensity Graphics Processor
12.1/ ENVY WXGA 1280 x 800 Theater Display
ENVY High Speed Ethernet
Voodoo ENVY Multi-Wireless Card
Belkin Bluetooth USB Adapter - Network adapter - USB - Bluetooth - Class 2
Internal 56K Fax Modem
No Shipping (Pickup)
Windows XP Professional
FUEL Software Essentials v2.0
1 Year Voodoo ENVY Warranty Policy
ENVY Silver Upgrade Policy

Total Cost: 2319.09

I have researched Voodoo quite a bit and have found that they are a very respectable company, but it seems like I could get the same laptop for alot cheaper, but I just do not know where to source it out from since I just recently entered the mobile area, but have been involved in desktops for a long time.

Key Components:
Turion Processor , MT series
Atleast 1Gb RAM
7200 RPM HD Hopefully

Thank you for the help



Feb 3, 2006
Processor AMD® Turion™ 64 X2 Dual Core processor TL-50 (Dual 1.60 GHz)
Operation System Genuine Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Preloaded
Graphics & Video Module UMA ATI RS485M, VRAM 128
Main Memory 1.5 GB DDR2/533 SO-DIMM memory
Display 12.1" WXGA 1280x800 Widescreen Glare Type TFT display
PC Cards Slot Express Card x 1
Card Reader MMC/SD/MS/MS Pro 4-in-1 Card Reader
Hard Disk Drive 80GB Hard Drive (5400RPM)
Optical Drive Built-in Super-Multi Drive (supports DVD RAM)
LAN/Modem Built-in 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet LAN and modem Module
Wireless LAN Built-in 802.11 b/g wireless & bluetooth connection
I/O Ports • 15 Pin Mini D-Sub x 1
• USB2.0 Port x 3, IEEE1394 Port x 1
• Mic-in Port x 1, Headphone Out x 1
• Modem Port x 1, LAN Port x 1
Audio Realtek ALC 882D, SoundBlaster™ Compatible (support S/PDIF)
Battery Pack & Life Li-ion 8 cells battery (4400mHh)
AC Adapter 19V DC, 65W/Input: 100~240V AC, 50/60Hz universal
Dimension 11.93" ( W ) x 8.86" ( D ) x 1.10~1.18" ( H )
Weight < 4.5 lbs (complete system)

$1,470 + $50 for Canadian shipping

For 1 Gig memory and 100 Gig 7,200 rpm & 108 G+ interneal wireless add $95.
Quite a bit more system for less money.


May 30, 2006
0 quick is the turn around for warranty or other problems that the laptop has to be returned to you? Also how long is the warranty.

Also where can I get the pricing for the smaller laptops on your site I can only find the 15.4 and up.


Feb 3, 2006
Warranty is standard 1 year with a 1 year upgrade available for $85. The only real problems I have ever had is with a hard drive (and it's really the only thing with moving parts), so I don't forsee any mojor turn around time. Otherwise it would be shipping back and forth and a couple days tops.

The smaller one's aren't on hte site yet, but they will be shortly and will be called the Nanobot.
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