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  1. C

    Massive Multi Boot System (Setup Questions) -- Hexa Boot!!!

    TL;DR This is a complicated, hobby, massive multi boot project, and I appreciate any help you can give. I'm not using VMs. If you don't want to read, that's fine. But if you like this sort of thing, please help me figure this out! I am attempting to dual boot several operating systems on a new...
  2. S

    Windows 2000/XP Emulator with 3D-Acceleration?

    Is there any Windows 2000/XP Emulator with 3D-Acceleration for old Windows games? I tried VMware and VirtualBox and old Windows games doesn't work. In PCem Windows XP works slow and no 3DFX.
  3. E

    Can't picture out anything on garbled laptop display

    I cannot picture out anything on my laptop screen after selecting 'microsoft basic display adapter' to update driver software of display adapter from the device manager. I did this as I was trying to fix my issue with brightness control (cannot decrease nor increase it). After I select that...
  4. Z

    Compaq Armada E500 Boot Problems

    So I have an old laptop that has been owned forever pretty much. I know it's old but I would still like to salvage it. It came with Windows 98 but it has since been upgraded to Windows 2000 Professional about a decade ago. It started getting blue screen errors about some hive file error or...
  5. C

    Can't get old DOS games (94-95) to detect my midi/digital audio card on a VMWare Virtual Machine on Win2000

    I can't get games like System Shock or I have no mouth and i must scream to work because it does not detect my sound card. I try to select "Creative Labs Sound blaster or 100% compatible" and when i "attempt to configure sound driver automatically" it says ERROR XMIDI SOUND HARDWARE NOT FOUND...
  6. My Life Is Tech

    How to Run Most if not All XP Programs in 2k

    How would one go about running most if not all Windows XP applications in Windows 2000? I mean, XP was based on 2000 in the after all, so you'd assume that their kernels are at least a bit similar. Also, am I the only one who thinks it's interesting that support for Windows 2000 ended in 2010...
  7. My Life Is Tech

    Please Help: Microsoft Office 95 Professional 7.0b Update

    Does anyone here know where I can find the 7.0b update/ISO for Office 95 Professional? And if you have the update/ISO yourself, would it be possible to upload it temporarily so I can download it? Any help will be appreciated, please reply soon, thank you.
  8. My Life Is Tech

    [SOLVED] Microsoft Office 95/97 Year 2000 Fix/Update

    Does anyone have the year 2000 update files for Microsoft Office 95/97? Their names are as follows: 1. o95y2k.exe 2. o97dtfix.exe If anyone here has these files could you please point me somewhere where I can download them, or could you possibly upload your files somewhere so I can download...
  9. H

    Need to restore Address Book

    The situation is this: working Windows 2000 OS, Outlook Express 6. Suddenly at the user all records vanish in the Contacts window. In a window Contacts an inscription "The list of contacts is empty. For creation of contact press 'Contacts'". Thus, in the address book, they remained in the same...
  10. L

    Dead hard drive

    My hard drive with Windows 2000 stopped working after I used a rescue disc from Windows 98SE. The drive is no longer recognized by the bios. I tried to access it with an adapter (USB TO IDE) without any luck. Is my drive ruined or is there a way I can recover from my stupid mistake? My main...
  11. G

    need an administrator password for windows 2000 professional

    I do not know the administrator password to be able to access windows 2000 professional.
  12. N

    How do i get into a windows 2000 professinal/bypass pass word

    how can i raise a pass word in a laptop computer with windows 2000 professinal
  13. J

    Solved! How to go wireless with a sony notebook windows 2000

    Bought a sony notebook at a garage sale. Is it possible to go wireless with it by getting a PCWA-A100 card? I have a desktop with a westell 6100 modem. The notebook runs windows 2000. My desktop has windows 7
  14. P

    Solved! Mircrosoft windows 2000 XP

    :cry: I have a compaq prsesio and I have been up most of the niite tryin to get it to at least open my browser to check my email. but either it is way too old or I haven't been doing somthing it just take way too long after a click. then on my desktop one I downloaded a winmaxminizer and now I...
  15. G

    Windows 2000 professional sound volume

    Hello, i have no sound on my computer and i have plugged in are my speakers but no sound comes out. what do i do to fix the problem?
  16. G

    Solved! Will software for windows 2000 work on windows 7

    Hello, I want to buy Nuance Dragon speak wireless software but it doesn't say it work with windows 7, just notes vista XP and 2000, will it work on my notebook which is all window 7 and office 7?
  17. G

    Solved! Will software for windows 2000 work on windows 7

    Hello, I want to buy Nuance Dragon speak wireless software but it doesn't say it work with windows 7, just notes vista XP and 2000, will it work on my notebook which is all window 7 and office 7?
  18. G

    Sharing problem in windows 2000 advance server

    Hello i have a entry server board and i have develop software using VB6,sql7 and crystal report. Entry is done through front end and ping also receive from server but sharing folder is not shown. can any body help me.
  19. exfileme

    Support for Win 2K, XP SP2 ends July 2010

    Still using Windows 2000 or Windows XP SP2? Microsoft is pulling the plug on support for these products in July 2010. Support for Win 2K, XP SP2 ends July 2010 : Read more
  20. B

    Microsoft Greetings and XP

    My Microsoft Greeting program worked with Windows 2000, but since upgrading to XP it will load, but when I click to bring up a card it throws me out of the program. Is there a way to use the program with XP?
  21. DisplacedCanuck

    Cord conversion

    I am in the process of upgrading an audio recording computer from, a Windows 2000 to XPx64. Unfortunatly, the audio i/o card manufacture (Digicart) doesn't offer drivers for the XPx64. I was thinking about using a Creative X-Fi sound card. The only problem I've run into on that is that the...
  22. A

    Virtual Machine - "3D hardware" error

    Hey all, I recently set up a Virtual Machine with Windows 2000 because I want to play my Episode 1 Podracing game from good ol' 99. It installs but when I click the button to play, it tells me that 3D hardware isn't detected. I get this in both Virtual PC and VirtualBox. Is there a way to...
  23. G

    Any Utility to Mount Tivo Drive Under Windows 2000?

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Is there any utility that will allow you to mount a Linux file system read-only under Windows 2000? I want to be able to make copies of my Tivo videos to a Windows 2000 file system, and I don't want to spend time hacking the Tivo box...
  24. G

    Solo 9150 2000PRO

    Archived from groups: alt.sys.pc-clone.gateway2000,comp.sys.laptops,alt.os.windows2000 (More info?) Has anyone been sucessfull in finding 2000pro drivers for this laptop? Gateway will not support it, and I've played hit and miss on drivers for everything but the sound card. Anyone have...
  25. G

    Windows laptop and network connections

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) Hi gang My (work) laptop runs Windows 2000. (No choice, so no flaming!) Is there a method in which I can unplug an ethernet LAN cable, move to another desk, plug back in (to another cable of course), and have the computer automatically...
  26. G

    Japanese dictionary on Zaurus

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.handhelds,tnn.sys.zaurus (More info?) I have problems finding out the details about the Zaurus and its Japanese dictionary. Please have a look. * I don't believe that the Zaurus sold in the UK contains a Japanese / English (JE) nor a English / Japanese (EJ)...
  27. G

    Help needed - select an Audio cards with 4 input channels

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I need an PCI audio card with 4 input channels for recording in a PC with windows 2000/XP. The card should be able to produce standard PCM data so it can be recorded into WAV files - each channel into a separate file. The card should also...
  28. M

    Jukebox type software for PC

    I'd like to setup a PC near my stereo for a jukebox setup. I'd like to copy in all my CDs and organize them by type, favorites, etc. Is there a software made for this? Possible a sharware one? Would Windows 2000 be a good operating system for this application? What kind of hardware would be...
  29. M

    Creative Playcenter

    After intalling Creativ Playcenter, every time I start Windows 2000 it shows the creative icon and plays some tunes. I unchecked the "enable splash screen" box in settings but it still does it. How can I get rid of it, especially the sound?
  30. V

    RAID or separate hard drive?

    Currently I have 2 IBM 60gxp's in my PC. They have been stripped using the RAID controller that came with my Abit KG7 motherboard. The thing is that my PC isn't capturing video as fast or reliable as I hoped it would. I only have these 2 drives and I have windows 2000 installed on my system...
  31. A

    Win2k blue screen error, help!

    Hi. Im having this problem with my windows. In windows 2000 I'll randomly (often) get a *** STOP (bunch of numberes), KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED error on a blue screen. I tried to install Windows XP on a formatted parition, but I get a very similar error, with just the *** stop part, and it...
  32. G

    KT7a-RAID / 2000 / Highpoint install problems

    I'm doing a re-install of my system (don't ask why).... It's a KT7A-RAID / GeForce2 / Windows 2000 / pair of IBM Deskstars / 786 megs RAM system. The problem is that I cannot install the Highpoint HPT370 RAID controller drivers during the Windows 2000 installation process. It simply crashes...
  33. G

    enabling dma with pc-chips M748lmrt and win 2000

    I have a pc-chips M748LMRT mobo (sis 620 chipset) and don't know how to enable DMA with windows 2000... I tried everything and I know that I'm not the only user with such problem... The w2kdma.exe program from Sis didn't work, and from what I know this board doesn't have problems with win98 (BTW...
  34. A

    Detonator XP Problems!

    I have installed the Detonator XP (21.81) and I have been blessed with a whole plethora of problem! 1)Whenever I right-click desktop -> setting -> advanced Whenever I click the advanced button my system will hang for a while before the advanced applets appear. 2)Shutdown time has increased...
  35. G

    XP Article

    After reading the article all I can say is "YIKES!". Looks like they basically did to windows 2000/me what they did to windows media player with version 7. Ugh more overhead, silly looking interface, extra garbage.... c'mon MS you were getting warmer with win2k and now THIS?! *sigh*
  36. O

    Software for intel webcam

    I have a intel webcam that was bought for me as a gift. Unfortunately, the software that came with it only runs in Windows 98 or Millennium. I would like to use this webcam in Windows 2000 but the software won't work. There is a driver for Windows 2000 and the camera works great in netmeeting...
  37. G

    What is the Direct Parallel network driver?

    What is the "Direct Parallel" network driver in Windows 2000? Here's the whole story: My system: Asus P5A-B mobo 500 MHz AMD K6-2 128 MB Crucial PC100 RAM 6.0 GB Seagate HD, 2 primary partitions, one FAT32 for Win 98, one NTFS for Win 2000. 3Com 3C905B-TX network adapter, connected to cable...
  38. G

    install 3com winmodem in Win 2000

    I am buildig a PC for a friend and I can not load the 3Com 56K v.90 winmodem #3595(OEM) The operating system is windows 2000 Pro. I went to the 3Com website they do not have 2000 drivers for this modem. The site states the driver is on the 2000 instalation disk. When i tryed to update driver the...
  39. C

    ATi TV-Wonder VE with Windows 2000

    I bought an ATi TV Wonder VE and it worked like a charm with windows 98. I have not been able to get it to work with win2k though. ATi's software refuses to run. Is there generic software or drivers that would make this board work? Thanks! ~Crapple0 "intel inside, idiot outside"