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    Question Headphone wiring colours help

    Hey i am trying to fix my TRRS headphones. Upon stripping the tube to reveal the wires i am greeted with 5 coloured wires. Red Green Blue Copper Copper & Red Anyone know what wires match which function? Thanks Please note the headset has a mic and is brand Intempo.
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    HELP with wiring my car speakers

    PLEASE..i need help wiring four door speakers( two 8 ohm and two 4 ohm speakers)to a 400 watt 4 channel (4 ohm stable)(75x4) or (2 ohm stable) (100x4) or 4 ohm stable 200 watts x 2 channels bridged....Prime Series Full Range Class D 4-Channel Car Amplifier..im having trouble with my ohmload...
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    Speaker Wire Alternative

    I have a lot of ethernet cable, so can I use that instead of speaker wire. Ethernet cable has 8 - 24 guage wire in it. Can I use 4 - 24 guage wire as the positive (RED) and 4 - 24 guage wire as negetive (BLACK)? Which would make it 18 gauge wire because 4 - 24 gauge wire equals 18 gauge wire.
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    How do I wire this?

    Im getting a equalizer and a head unit and a amplifier how do I wire all of those on a single power supply? Im so what power supply do I need?
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    Car Amp + Sub for Home Amp

    I have a unused Alpine SWD-3000 amp and sub combo. I would like to connect this to my home stereo amplifier a Pioneer VSX-321.I will be powering with PC atx PSU 400w. I cant find any cable that would allow me to use the rca line in from the sub to the single speaker wire on the home amp. Please...
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    Left sub on my stereo speakers doesn't work after car journey.

    I bought a set of Wharfedale Rubiance RB-25 speakers to go with my pioneer amp and pioneer cd player (can't remember model number but 1980's tech). They were sold to me as a set and I tested before taking them home. Each speaker has two parts - an upper speaker and a lower (sub?) speaker head...
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    Superlux 668b HD wiring issue (no sound in one side)

    Hey, just earlier today my headphones randomly decided to stop working on one side. The other side works perfectly fine. I pried open the case and looked at the wiring, I believe I found something that might be wrong, but even if what I assume is correct, I still don't know what to solder it...
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    Amp advice and how to wire speakers up to an amp and then amp to laptop.

    i have these http://www.amazon.co.uk/Ekho-MAX12-Passive-Speakers-1200W/dp/B00BG5N190/ref=sr_1_10?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1376879649&sr=1-10&keywords=ekho+speakers and one of these http://www.electromarket.co.uk/ssa1050 What amp would you suggest buying and also how would you wire it all up to...