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    Solved! Laptop won't turn on only showing charging white light.

    Hey guys, Im having a problem regarding my hp laptop model is 8470p. 2 days ago i left the laptop on, updating windows for overnight but when i woke up, it was completely dead, no response to power button and kept showing charge white light no matter if adapter is connected or not it keeps...
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    Dell laptop won't boot up

    So recently I got asked to install an upgrade from windows 7 to 10. I booted up the disk in the beginning. It went into the main menu and gave me the options of reinstalling Windows and keeping my files. I wasn't sure I it was the right option. So I began doing some more research. I had to power...
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    Can't use AMD Card on Hybrid GFX Win 10

    Hello guys, I have just bought a laptop (Lenovo G500) for gaming Which has intel 4000 & AMD 8750 Graphics. After setting up windows 10 there is no option for it to switch to the AMD card, I have tried to use Catalyst Control Center but apparantly that no longer exists.. I have disabled the Intel...
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    Torrent Clients are not adding my files to download!

    Hello guys, So for around the past 8 months I have not been able to add torrents downloaded from the internet to clients such as; Bit Torrent, U Torrent, etc. I download the image files and when I go to add them to download nothing appears when dragged in or manually opened through file...
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    Laptop wont identify TV via HDMI

    Hi all, My problem is with an Acer Aspire E 15 and a Sharp Aquos Quattron TV. I often connect laptop to TV via HDMI cable to watch movies, etc. Yesterday while watching a film I paused it for 10 mins which prompted the screen to time out/lock. Once I had entered my password the connection was...
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    Toshiba L300 Wont Boot up & Fan Stops

    i have a Toshiba L300 and when i press the power button the laptop starts to power up with the fan moving and a slight flash shows up on the screen like as if its trying to show something and then the fan stops and shuts down. the LED light shows that it has power going through when i have the...