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  1. D

    Sony Vegas Pro 12 Crashes while rendering

    Hi, for some reason when rendering Vegas crashes at about 9 percent or at about 2 minutes and 52 seconds. Here is the error code Extra Information File: C:\Users\fishe\AppData\Local\Sony\Vegas Pro\12.0\dx_video_grovel_x64.log File...
  2. D

    ASUS: Playing Video Causes Shutdown

    Disclaimer: I've seen this issue posted last year and back then the temperature was the issue. I already ran realtemp and my temps are fine. I'm on an Asus laptop running Win10 Home 64-bit and mainly when I run video's from YouTube (Chrome and Firefox, browser makes no difference) or from my...
  3. A

    Problems installing Win 7 on a Lenovo V330

    Hi, I've recently bought a pair of Lenovo V330-15IKB laptops for colleagues. Our system currently runs on Win 7 and we have our own image which we deploy from the server. Over the past year, it's been harder to find the right drivers to get newer laptops to run Win 7 as they're generally...
  4. noyaus

    Surface Pro 4 m3 run Photoshop and Premiere Pro

    Hi Guys Do you think that a surface pro 4 m3, 128Gb could run photoshop or premiere pro? I am looking at CS6 or CC Thanks
  5. S

    System idle, 85% RAM Usage [Nonpaged pool]

    Hello. Windows 10 x64 My PC have not active programms and games, but takes 85% RAM Usege. Screenshot: http://prntscr.com/ikdg2c Nonpaged pool: 22 Gb! How to solve this?
  6. P

    Video.UI.exe and Microsoft.Photos.exe not signed and 1 virus found in VirusTotal

    Hi, I'm using Windows 10 Pro 64 bit and Process Explorer with "verify image signatures" and "check virustotal" options. I can see two processes with 1 alert of virus and not signed: C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.ZuneVideo_10.17122.15711.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe\Video.UI.exe C:\Program...
  7. L

    Please help no restore points, remove a bad driver zadnqtxa.sys from Win7 x64

    Need help removing a bad driver zadnqtxa.sys from Win7 x64. I have tried for days to stop the BDOD on normal start. Thank you in advance
  8. J

    WiFI driver for Win7 64 bit for Dell Inspiron 15 5565

    I need a WiFI driver for Win7 64 bit for Dell Inspiron 15 5565. Looks like Dell only has Win 10 drivers. The Ethernet works bu
  9. R

    windows 7 system 32 bit x86 to windowds 10 64 bit x64

    i want to change my os windows 7 32 bit x86 to windows 10 64 bit x64 ? can i change how can ? please tell me
  10. Raceme007

    Solved! Adblocker Detected even though it's disabled?

    Hi! When I use some file hosting sites, or shortened links, fault "Adblocker Detected" notification is shown. I tried pausing it, even disabling it. But nothing succeeded. How do I fix this? Thanks! PS: My pc has Windows 8.1, Google chrome 58 [58.0.3029.96 (64-bit)], Kaspersky Internet Security...
  11. A

    Audio Crack issue on Lenovo y500

    Just installed Win 7 x64 on my Lenovo y500 and I am getting sound crack issue. Whenever I am playing something, the sound is getting cracked. Already installed latest audio drivers. Any fix ? Thanks in advance :)
  12. Arintas

    Grey lined flickering screen with dark colors

    For a quite long time my CUBOT x6 has a disturbing grey lined flickering, really darker colors and wtf-are-those-from barely visible apps names or details behind background.(?) These flickers are visible on dark colors. Sometimes they are very active, sometimes just visible. Colors are dark and...
  13. S

    VM: Windows guest, Linux host. Unity/Seamless mode is possible?

    Is there any way to run a windows guest in unity/seamless mode, on a linux host? Maybe with an older version of VMware or VirtualBox? Specifically, I would like to run a windows 10 x64 guest, on a linux mint x64 host.
  14. R

    CCleaner window messed up

    I'm on Win 7 x64. Ccleaner was showing it's appropriate window style which is like this: But for some unknown reason it got messed up and now shows like this: How did that happen and how can I fix it? Thanks.
  15. R

    which is better 64 bit ot 32 bit oprating system

    I have a Lenovo laptop with below configuration which will better for me 64 bit or 32 bit? lenovo thinkpad e 40 ram-4GB HDD-320 GB
  16. C

    click Ok to try again or enter an alternate path to a folder containing the installation package vc_runtimeMinimum_x64.msi

    I have been having an issue with Microsoft Visual C++ for a while now. Whenever I attempt to boot up certain games, I receive this error. (link to screen shot below) Any help would be amazing. For reference I have Windows 10, and this problem occurs when booting up Squad or mafia 3...
  17. T

    I have a cd but cannot install win7 home premium x64

    I startup REPAIR: These are the results - repair log : Number of repairs attempts: 1 Session details --------------------------------- System disk= Windows directory = AutoChk Run = 0 Number of root causes = 1 Test Performed: --------------------------------------------- Name: Check for...
  18. A

    Windows 7 Pro x64 No audio speaker device

    Got a problem with speakers on Windows 7 x64. My playback devices always stay on show disabled devices and I tried downloading the drivers as well. The speaker audio device doesn't appear and headphones don't as well
  19. P

    Are 32 bit programs less laggy than 64 bit?

    I've bought Ableton Live 9.6 x64 and I downloaded it on my 64 bit Windows.. it seems to lag a bit.. if I get the 32 bit copy will it be less laggy?
  20. M

    Trouble with Toshiba Satellite P775 Drivers

    I've recently installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 x64 on a friend's Toshiba Satellite p775-s7320 laptop. Windows wasn't able to find a driver for the WLAN card, thus making it impossible to find any other drivers through windows update. There are supposed to be drivers for an ethernet...
  21. Kurokidan

    Question regarding Rufus usb tool

    Greetings, I'm trying to make a new usb bootable version of Windows 10 Pro x64 and I can't decide which option to select regarding the partition scheme and file system. My system is quite new (4770k, z87 mobo with uefi). Should I go with typical option MBR and NTFS or is it better to go with...
  22. Ransome

    Best Low Performance Cost AV Software for Hardcore GAMING

    And is it safe to just use Windows 10's Windows Defender? Or Windows Defender + Malwarebytes scanner? I have been using Microsoft Security Essentials on my Windows 7 for MANY years, moved to Windows Defender on Windows 8 and 8.1. Now that I have Windows 10 on both pcs, I use Windows Defender...
  23. D

    Laptop can't use secondary video card

    I just got a laptop from my friend. It is an Inspiron 3537. Specification: Win8.1/x64, 4GB ram, Intel i4200U, HD8600M After I got the laptop I ran a few graphically intensive games.Usually got around 3-5fps playing League of Legends and some games didn't even run.I checked the device manager...
  24. S

    Is CPU(APU) Upgrade possible for my Laptop?

    Laptop specifications Model: Lenovo Flex 2 - 14D Processor: AMD A8-6410 APU with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics (x64-based processor) Frequency: 2.0 GHz (2.4 Turbo boost) Installed RAM : 4.0 GB Operating System : 64 bit (Win 8.1) Processor Information(as per CPU-Z) Name: AMD K16 Code name: Mullins...
  25. H

    How much should I sell my laptop for?

    Toshiba Satellite P755 x64-based PC Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.20GHz, 2201 Mhz, 4 Cores, 8 Logical Processors 8 GB RAM Bought it in 2012 but still in mint condition and battery still in perfect condition Will be installing Windows 10 before i sell it.
  26. M

    Windows 8.1, 64bit safe to run on HP Compaq 615?

    hey everyone, So i have a HP Compaq 615 which had windows xp 32bit installed on it. ive managed to install windows 7 ultimate 32 bit and it ran like a dream, now ive gone and installed windows 8.1 pro 64bit which im not 100% if i should have or not but im typing this now with it...palms are a...
  27. E

    How to install 32bit printer driver on Win7 64bit

    I have a Canon LaserBase MF3110 printer, but I can not install the driver on 64 bit windows 7, Could anybody help me? Please give me links to download Thanks a lot in advance :-)
  28. B

    aero is not working..ive run troubleshoot it says i dont have graphic display driver adapter installed

    I have windows 7 ultimate x64 installed.i reinstalled windows and aero stopped working..i have AMD turion x64 mobile tech 2.0 GHZ..any help?
  29. Mr Davo

    Configuring a ClickOnce application (originally designed for XP) to run in Windows 7 x64?

    Hi Everyone, I have an old application which is deployed using ClickOnce. Historically the application has worked fine (for example on Windows XP), however now that I am using Windows 7 (x64) the application is not working 100%. Whilst I can view information in the application I am unable to...
  30. C

    can a run GTA 5

    I have a hewett packard laptop.intel core i7-4710HQ@250GHz 250GHz.Ram 8.00GB.643 bit operation system.x64-based operation system.
  31. L

    Laggy Blue stacks in windows 7 x64

    I have installed blue stacks in my laptop acer 4755. Specs i3 2330M 2•2ghz 2Gig ram Intel HD 3000 Since ever i have installed...all the apps including bluestack...it is really slow like it is running in a crappy dual core mediatech processor. Why is this so..?? Can this problem get...
  32. W

    Do you think I should install 64 bit on my laptop?

    Just bought a HP Pavilion DM1Z used, and it has windows 7 pro 32 bit installed. I have the key, so I could reinstall it with 64 bit. However, I currently only have 4 gb of ram installed on the laptop, and I don't plan to upgrade it for a while. I know this question has been asked a million...
  33. Y

    Need bios file

    PhoenixTechnologiesLtd.-CDVW316W[20130403]X64.rom.( winbond W25Q16)
  34. Arvind Bakshi

    Windows 8.1 Drivers

    I recently upgraded from windows7 x64 to windows 8.1 x64 after struggling with drivers for a day. I have still problems with ATK package. Also in systems properties it is showing no touch input. Please help In device manager there are no HID-devices. I Have ASUS K55VM-SX086D Laptop.
  35. Oggie7797

    Compatibility question regarding RAM

    Let me start with im on a budget. I need the mobility of a laptop so thats why im not bothering with a desktop and i dont have the money to buy an $800 asus so my best bet for the time being is to add some RAM into my old Inspiron 1720. According to Crucial the max RAM is 4gb...
  36. C

    mw3 crashes before start up

    about 3 weeks ago my friend uninstalled one of the visual c++ and decided not to tell me. i went to go on bo2 and it crashed my pc. so i uninstalled it the reinstalled it and check for the latest drivers. and my mw3 dont work either. does anyone know which visual c++ i will need??? i have...
  37. O

    HP G71 laptop runnign windos 7 home premium x64

    Hello everyone! I have an HP G71 laptop running windos 7 home premium x64, it is about 3-4 years old i guess. In the past months it has become EXTREMELY slow and windows explorer keeps crashing. i thought of formatting the laptop completely and then reinstall windows 7 home premium on it but i...
  38. I

    Q6600 on Windows 8.1 32-bit, should I download x86 or x64 version of JDK?

    I've recently installed the 32-bit version of Windows 8.1 on my 7+ year old PC. Everything has been working fine but I was wondering which version of JDK I should download, the x86 or the x64? Windows claims: "System Type: 32-bit Operating System, x64-based processor" but if I remember...
  39. maplenet2

    Installing Windows 7 x64 on Sony Vaio. Stupid Sony!

    So I have a Sony PCG-71312L (Model: VPCEB15FM) who's CD reader won't read my Windows 7 installation disk! The disk is a Windows 7 Pro x64-bit. I tried installing it through a USB bootable drive but all it does is hangs during installation! It hangs because there is a USB plugged into the ports...
  40. I

    Virtual Box and Virtual PC Error

    So, I'm trying to install a x64 VM in virtual pc and I get the error message "Attempting to load a 64-bit application, however this cpu is not compatible with 64-bit mode." My cpu and motherboard are vt-x compatible and I have intel virtualization technology enabled in bios. The funny thing is...
  41. A

    Maya 2013 installation failing...

    I get this error whenever I try to install Maya 2013 any ideas? 2012/10/27:01:39:30 [private] [private] === Setup started on [private] by [private]=== 2012/10/27:01:39:30 [private] [private] Launch 2012/10/27:01:39:30 [private] [private] CommandLine /url...
  42. K

    Pinnacle studio 9 windows 7

    Drivers for Pinnacle studio Win 7 X64
  43. S

    No Sony BDV-E380 audio from ASUS P7P55D PC Win7 x64 via TOSLINK

    OK, here's my situation (there is a TL;DR version in the last paragraphs of this massive post, don't worry). ASUS P7P55D VIA VT1828S, S/PDIF DTS Audio/Dolby Digital 44.1 kHz/48.0 kHz/96.0 kHz, through TOSLINK to Sony BDV-E380 Digital In Optical (TV) Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti, Dolby Digital...
  44. D

    Solved! What to choose between asus x64 and sony

    Hello, i want a good laptop that would be good with graphics for games and also a little cheap.. I am thinking between sony vaio vpc eb2e9e and asus x64jv what to take
  45. G

    Core 2 duo t9300 os x64

    Hello,ihave laptop with core 2 duo t9300 processor can i upgade to win7 64-bit
  46. K

    Win XP Pro x64 / Win 7 Ultimate x64

    I'm planing to assemble a computer with AMD Phenom (Quad-Core) Processor, ASUS Motherboard alongwith 8 GB (2 x 4GB) DDR2 (800 MHz) RAM. This computer will use for Desktop Publishing purpose. The OS may be Windows XP Pro x64 or, Windows 7 Ultimate x64. The application may run over the windows are...
  47. A

    Solved! Ati mobility radeon hd 4600 driver x64 vaio

    I want to download and install driver
  48. S

    Solved! Bad company 2 8200m

    Hello, will my rig support bad company 2 :- c2d 2.0ghz 4gb ram nvidia 8200mg win7 ultimate x64
  49. H

    Webcam driver for terratec notebook MS 1722

    Hello, I am searching for a win7 x64 driver for the webcam of the above notebook can anyone help please thomas
  50. S

    What if i install x64 SQL server 2008 in my vista.

    hi i am using vista ultimate.. i dont know its platform i am also using ms visual studio 2008.. my question is SQL server 2008 x64 will work on my system or not or it will show any error at time of execution?? if anybody have answer please reply me on my email: soni.snehal@hotmail.com
  51. sayantan

    C++ compiler for windows 7

    does anyone know where do I get a C++ compiler for windows 7 x64 ??I had turboC++ v4.5 which worked fine with win xp sp2 x86 but this version doesn't work with win7 x64!!I have also changed the compatibly mode to xp for the installer but the compiler won't install at all!!!!So please tell me...
  52. B

    Overlapping and Lines across video's on vista x64

    Hey all, I have just formatted my windows partition and installed vista ultimate x64. With no codecs installed i cant play video's, which is obvious. Naturally i installed VLC player 1.0 and started watching movies however i am constantly seeing overlapping of frames / stress lines...
  53. H

    Vista compatible open source firewall / antivirus?

    x64 if possible. any suggestions?
  54. F

    FSC U9200 & Vista x64

    Hi, I have FSC U9200 with Vista x64 Business installed. Everything works great, but in Device Manager there is one "Unknown device". It was on Vista 32bit too, but installing "ACPI BIOS Linkage Service" solved this problem. On 64bit OS, I dont know what to do. Vista x64 is not official supported...