Problems installing Win 7 on a Lenovo V330


Oct 29, 2017

I've recently bought a pair of Lenovo V330-15IKB laptops for colleagues. Our system currently runs on Win 7 and we have our own image which we deploy from the server. Over the past year, it's been harder to find the right drivers to get newer laptops to run Win 7 as they're generally intended to run Win 10 (so nobody has created the Win 7-compatible drivers), but we've always managed.

However, this time I seem to be beaten. All the drivers on Lenovo's website - chipset, BIOS, graphics, usb etc are for Win 10 apart from one which seems to be for Win 7 x86, and we can't get the laptop to boot up in Windows 7 - it completes the deployment, restarts and immediately encounters a fault.

Does anyone know if it's possible to get WIndows 7 x64 to run on a V330? Is there a sufficiently similar model of laptop for which Win7 drivers are available, or is there another way around it?

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