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    Question Problem with inaccurate charging indicators of Xiaomi Powerbank. How do I fix this?

    So I bought a new Xiaomi 20000mah power bank which has 4 leds to indicate charge. When charging my phone the indicators seem to be inaccurate. After charging my phone two times( each time from 18% to 100%) it still showed 4 blinking LEDs which means it has 75-100% charge left. But it should have...
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    Question Why isn't my Xiaomi Redmi 9A receiving Android and Security updates?

    Here is an image of the system: View: https://imgur.com/a/J1VVCsU When I check for new Android or security updates, it says there are no more updates available and that my system is up-to-date. However, when I checked Wikipedia, i found out that this isn't true and that Android 10 is still...
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    Question Recommended keyboard (powered by a cable not battery) for Xiaomi Pad 5

    Hello, I'm looking for a keyboard compatible with my Xiaomi pad 5 on an affordable price. However, is there any keyboard around works with a cable connected to the tablet and not depends on a battery? I just want to avoid extra device needs a charging
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    Question CPU Z showing wrong specs

    Hi, I recently bought a Xiaomi Redmi Note 11. When I used CPU Z, it showed that the processor is Snapdragon 625 instead of 680. Then I used 3 other apps to test it: AIDA64, CPU X, CPU Info. While AIDA64 and CPU X showed that the processor is Snapdragon 680, CPU Info showed it to be 6225. I...
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    Question Can't update Android 10 and MIUI 12 on Xiaomi Redmi 9A

    Hello. My phone is Xiaomi Redmi 9A. The MIUI version the phone has is MIUI 12, and when i click on "check for new updates", it says there are no new updates, despite the fact the latest MIUI 12 version is MIUI 12.5, and not MIUI 12.0.10 Stable. The Android version is Android 10 QP1A...
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    Question Laptop stuck in boot loop before post/bios

    Hi everyone, Any pointers here would be much appreciated. I have a Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air laptop (i5/2018) that I am having trouble with - the laptop is stuck in a boot loop where it turns on, the keyboard lights up and the fans were for a second before turning off and starting again. If I...
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    Solved! What phone wins from those two?

    I got two options but I don't know which one will perform better. Xiaomi Note 9 Pro or Motorola Moto G 5G Plus. Xiaomi Specs: SD720G, 6GB Ram, 64GB Internal Memory. Motorola Specs: SD765, 6GB Ram, 128GB Internal Memory. I can't seem to understand the "G" part, since they say it stands for...
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    Question Help me decide: Xiaomi Mi 9T or OnePlus 6

    Oneplus 6 is 350€ and the Xiaomi is 330€ so which one is better? I plan on using it for a long time and I currently have a Galaxy S6.
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    Solved! Which phone should i get?

    Hey guys, ive been using my xiaomi redmi note 3 for over 2 years and its really slow now, PUBG is unplayable, Asphalt has horrible texture pops so its time for an upgrade, was thinking of going for the pocophone f1 since its so cheap and the phone is absolutely amazing for the price, or the...
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    Solved! Xiaomi Heating issues

    I'm planning to buy xiaomi A2 Lite (6 Pro). But I'm quite curious to know if the phone has heating issues or high battery drain after using for a year or two. Some phones become slow after couple of years. Will it too? Note that I wont be playing games. :D
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    Xiaomi Mi 8 Is a Slick iPhone X Clone for Half the Price

    Xiaomi has announced its new flagship phone, and it looks to be the company's best so far. Xiaomi Mi 8 Is a Slick iPhone X Clone for Half the Price : Read more
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    Sound coming out of only one earphone (tried on multiple devices)

    I have a pair of Xiaomi Piston 3 with mic and remote earphones. They worked fine until recently, but sound no longer comes out of the right-side earphone. I tried it on multiple devices, tried altering sound balance, but no sound comes out of the right earphone (may have something to do with...
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    Xiaomi Finally Coming to the U.S., But There's a Catch

    Xiaomi is finally bringing its wearable products and accessories to the U.S., but phones aren't yet on the menu. Xiaomi Finally Coming to the U.S., But There's a Catch : Read more
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    Xiaomi FAQ: What You Need to Know Before You Buy

    What makes this Chinese phone maker worth $45 billion and do you want a Xiaomi smartphone? We have the answers. Xiaomi FAQ: What You Need to Know Before You Buy : Read more