Solved! Which phone should i get?


Dec 4, 2016
Hey guys, ive been using my xiaomi redmi note 3 for over 2 years and its really slow now, PUBG is unplayable, Asphalt has horrible texture pops so its time for an upgrade, was thinking of going for the pocophone f1 since its so cheap and the phone is absolutely amazing for the price, or the oneplus 6 which is quite a bit more expensive...

that or maybe even go for the new mix 3, depends on the price?

in my country (israel) the pocophone goes for 344$ and the oneplus 6 is 528$ as you can see a pretty big price difference yet the specs are pretty close..

also if you're going to suggest the 6t its a big no from me, spending 100$ for earpods just to listen to some music is ridiculous.

but one problem i may have with the pocophone is the notch, it looks like it would block out alot of things like in youtube videos and games etc... oneplus no complaints except price, the mix 3 is better than them both it seems but i dont know how much it will cost.

what do you guys think?