1 PC 2 Rooms - Gaming rig & VR setup.


Aug 21, 2017
Hi All.
I'm looking to build out a gaming rig that handles VR. I'm not too worried in this post about the actual specs of the rig (I might do another post if necessary on specs).

I have an office which is above my living room. in my office is a closet which is directly above our fireplace where the living room TV is mounted.

what I am hoping I can do is the following.
Build out rig in the closet (I know - heat problems - might look to do submerged rig with oil cooling and a vent in the closet door).
Find a solution for the montior/keyboard/mouse that works for gaming and can span the 10-12 feet from closet to desk (wireless ideally - but not sure if that's really plausible for gaming at that distance).

Living room:
Run HDMI/VR sensor cables/etc down the wall into the living room.
HDMI to TV (obviously).
Mount VR sensors on ceiling and run cables inside the ceiling so that no wiring shows.
I'm guessing use a Bluetooth wireless transmitter/receiver that is mounted on wall or ceiling for keyboard/mouse - not going to be gaming down there, just using the keyboard mouse in living room for control of the pc/vr , streaming etc.

Just looking for ideas, things to watch out for, concerns, etc.

Thank you all for your time.



VR hardware can be a bit finicky about running off long extension cables. Especially if you get an Oculus Rift, where all the sensor will be connecting to the PC as well. It does depend on how long the cable runs will have to be though.

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