1-year limited hardware warranty support?

All the original hardware, and limited OS support. So, no software or data is covered. My advice: make a set of recovery discs, and develop a backup plan.
You should also be able to purchase an extended warranty for the laptop as long as the current warranty is still valid. If you have hardware issue with the laptop, then it must shipped to their depot to be fixed. I have never sent a laptop for repairs under warranty, but I assumes the typical turn around time is 2 weeks to 4 weeks. That means you may be without your laptop for up to 4 weeks (may be more in extreme cases).

Some manufacturers offer on-site repair which basically means a person will come by your house or place of business to fix the laptop. However, you need to read the fine details to get accurate info on that. Not surprisingly this type of warranty will be more expensive than a standard 1 year warranty. It's probably an additional $100 - $150 for 1 year on-site warranty.