13"-14" with Dual 2560x1600 Support


Sep 4, 2008
Hi everyone,

Is anyone aware of a 13"-14" laptop, preferably something thin and light, that will support dual 30" 2560x1600 monitors?

I am currently using a MacBook Air 13" (2011), running Win7 Pro in Bootcamp, with a Dell u3011 connected via a mini-Displayport to Display port cable from Monoprice. The MBA clearly struggles with the 2560x1600 resolution as every time the wallpaper image rotates the "fade in" is very choppy.

I'm now considering adding a second u3011 and rotating them to portrait mode. This will clearly require replacing the MBA with something a bit more powerful. But herein lies the question...

What thin and light laptop is capable of pushing dual 2560x1600 monitors?

So far the closest thing I can find is the 13" MacBook Pro with Retina Display, using the dual Thunderbolt ports. However, from what I can find on Intel's website, HD 4000 graphics will not support dual 2560x1600. Anyone know if I'm understanding this correctly or not?

Other options from Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, and Asus that I have found all appear to have HDMI and VGA outputs that will require adapters with additional power support, and often without enough USB ports to power the adapters.

I'm open to the idea of using a docking station with built in graphics card, but I travel enough to really want a thin and light laptop.

All suggestions welcome.

Many thanks for your input.

VGA cannot do 2560x1600, the max I've read by someone attempting to do so got 2048 x 1152 resolution using a MacBook. I believe only HDMI 1.4a can output to 2560x1600 or higher.

The Intel HD 4000 is too weak to deal with those high resolutions. You need a dedicated graphic card / chip to push that amount of pixels. Probably a GT 640m should be fast enough to push that many pixels in desktop mode (i.e. not playing games).



Jan 20, 2005
I have looked for the same thing. Actually have a thread about this a few months back. Basically, the answer is 'NO'. At the same time, you can cheat by using a USB to HDMI/DVI with items like this: