Question 240hz monitor Cable support at 1080p. HELP

Mar 26, 2020
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. I just have bought a 240hz monitor with G-sync. But I dont know If I am able to use that 240hz @1080p with g-sync. As you know G-sync is only supported via Display port and unfortunately there is no a Display Port outpu on my laptop (I guees there is no any laptop with DP. not sure) So question is what should I do ? Is there any dipslay port to hdmi which can support 240hz @1080p with G-sync or not. Or can only a hdmi 2.0 cable will be enough for 240hz@1080p. To be honest I dont care about g-sync but I want 240hz@1080p so badly. I dont know If I am allow to send the products I bought so I will just leave their names.

HP omeN X 25f (the monitor I bought)
hp pavilion 17-cd0033na (And my laptop it has gtx 1660ti with q-max)

Thanks in advance.


There is very little chance your laptop will work at 240 hz with the output on it even at 1080 resolution. Adapters won't work because the restriction is in the video connection on the laptop not just what type of cable you use. Contact HP support and check with them what refresh rate you can run the system at. Or just connect it and see what you can set it to.
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