Question 3-2GB of my Ram is missing.


May 30, 2019
I just reinstalled my windows, turned everything off at installation, used windows 10 Debloater, used o&o sh*[up10, and turned of every background process, even turned off Windows Defender scanning and etc, to stop the 24/7 scannings. So literally decrased it to the minimum. So my question is, what is this? (I have 2x4GB). Fresh OS, only GTAV, League, Battlefront 2, Epic Games, Steam, Discord, uTorrent, 7-Zip, and Chrome is installed. Only Discord was running in the background and Steam. Nothing else. Steam was not updating in background (turned off). At the time the screenshot was created FiveM (a modded multiplayer version of Grand Theft Auto V) was running for 3-4 hours, so it's maxed out it's ram usage, but let's count with 4GB of ram usage. Then, Windows as I searched it up, usually uses 1.5-2GB of ram. Mine is even stripped down. Then where is my remaining 2GB of ram??

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