News 3 Microsoft PowerToys I install on every new PC—and you should too


Mar 25, 2014
When enabled, all you have to do to use PowerToys Run is hit the hotkey (Alt+Space by default)
Warning: Installing PowerToys breaks (overrides) standard Win11/Win10 ALT+SPACE keyboard shortcut behavior.

Misguided and sloppy: ALT+SPACE has been the standard Windows default for "Open the shortcut menu for the active window" (aka "title bar menu", "system menu", "window controls menu", or "window system menu") for at least 30 years (Windows 3.1 or earlier). MS Windows official standards mandated this and the corresponding icon in the extreme left edge of the menu bar for decades. While the icon is no longer implemented on some window title bars in Win11, my understanding is the menu and shortcut are still supposed to be present in Win10 and Win11. When Windows glitches, this is often the only(?) way to restore/resize a windows that has disappeared without closing it.

Example for Win11 (and Win10 via tab on that page) -- although not from the official standards, as I no longer develop.

PowerToys should not have chosen to override this by default!