3arpy3ka virus how can i get rid of it

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Jan 9, 2018
this thing slows down my laptop, i removed all traces of it, did several malwarebytescans, virusscans and ccleaner scans. yet its still here, here's what it does :
when i use any brower and try to watch youtube it will have an invisible thing i have to click for videos to start sometimes it will have 3arpy3ka on it. and also in my list of videos that are suggested a blue 3arpy3ka is there. It also keeps my processor around 100%
i cant find any unusual programs in task manager or anything but i cant get rid of this thing.
It made my laptop so slow i cant even choose a champion on league in time, too much lag.
please does anyone know what i can do?
PS ive also tried looking and scanning in safemode, didnt work
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