4K Camcorder Advice

Nov 6, 2018
I am thinking of purchasing a 4K camcorder. The camcorder would be used for my son's basketball games, his baseball games, and my daughter's competitive cheer competitions. I am not doing it professionally, only for my enjoyment. I currently do not have a 4K television but will be looking to purchase one during the black Friday sales. I live in a very rural area and am forced to use satellite internet.

I currently have a Canon EOS 7D Mark II with a Tamron SP 70-200 mm F/2.8 DIVC USD G2 lens so I am not really thinking of going to a 4K camera.

I have multiple questions:
1 - Does anyone have a strong recommendation for a camcorder knowing my uses for it?
2 - Can I save the files from the 4K camcorder on a USB drive an play them back on a 4K TV without losing any quality?
3 - Are there any other things that I should be concerned with on a 4K system?
4 - Are there any recommendations for a 4K TV or features a should look for?
Jul 6, 2018
Most good 4k Camcorders are in the $800-$1000 range so I don't think you would want to go to that but there is always a GoPro. If you want one in that range I would suggest the Sony FDR-AX53. It is currently $849 on Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/Sony-FDRAX53-Video-Recording-Camcorder/dp/B01950TCEU). And to save files to a USB Drive you first would have to either plug the camcorder into a Computer and copy the files to a USB Drive or the SD card into a SD card reader then copy the files. And you should not lose quality. And for concerns, the only thing that I can really thing of is that your 4K TV and the Camcorder may have different speeds for example your TV could be 30p and the camcorder could be 60p. The camcorder I mentioned records at 24 or 30p. But if it is only for your own enjoyment and not professional, then you should't really need 4k. 1080p camcorders are a lot less expensive. Also 4k is not that worth it over 1080p on the consumer level. So you might want to consider 1080p instead. If you are just watching on a TV, 4k is not very noticeably better than 1080p.
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