4k streaming chromecast


Dec 11, 2017
Hi all,

Basically I want to stream 4k videos/images, whatever, from my PC to my 4k TV. I do not want to pass any cables from my PC to my TV, so HDMI is a no go. I've been looking into multiple streaming options such as Miracast, Direct Wi-Fi, however, none of these seem to support 4k resolution except for the Chromecast ultra.

Let's say I buy the Chromecast ultra and connect it to this TV: LG-43UJ635V, is it compatible? And will I be able to stream in 4k from my PC from my 1080p monitor (despite being duplicate mode) or will it render in 1080p alike the monitor? For clarity purposes, chromecast works over the local internet, so I won't need to use the Wi-Fi as well being under the same network subnet, Ethernet will do?

In addition to this, I've also seen the requirement of being HDCP 2.2 compatible for full functionality. Is the TV aforementioned above, with Chromecast ultra, streamed from a i7-6700k & GTX 1060 compatible with HDCP2.2? as well as with other day-to-day peripherals? Also, I need to purchase a good (preferably dual speaker monitors) which are both compatible with HDCP 2.2 and high quality bass (for industrial techno) around the 200 euro budget from Europe, any recommendations? Needs to be bluetooth so I can connect from both TV, PC, mobile without any cables?

Could I be missing something which is good to point out in addition with the above? Thanks in advance.

It isn't clear anywhere I looked that you can cast video to the Chromecast Ultra from a PC in 4K. It only talks about streaming 4k from online services not from local sources. The Videostream Chrome extension might work. Check that it will before purchasing one if that is the only reason you would get one.
I am not sure that if it did work that HDCP on the video card would matter.
A wireless HDMI solution is an option. You can set it as a second display and change the video resolution to 4k (although you may be limited to 30fps).
As to your monitor question. There won't be any monitor that has quality sound (bass or otherwise). Bluetooth is audio only so I don't know how you would eliminate video cables from your sources to the monitor.
If you got speakers or a soundbar that had bluetooth then you could use that for better sound. You might have to pair each source every time you changed though.
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