5.1 audio file (not upmixing)


Mar 7, 2013
So I'm curious to know if there's a type of audio file that has all 6 channels built in, and how to make/get it.
I have two Dream Theater albums that were published in true 5.1 surround, but the songs are loaded on a dvd and play like a video. I'd like it to be part of my music library as well if at all possible.
Note that I already do have the songs in my library, but the stereo .mp3 versions they released on the side.

Possible approaches, rip the dvd audio from the dvd if already in one file (it plays as a video, just with a black screen) or do it manually with some program (I've bumped into a few on google, haven't looked into them yet, but they all seem to be based on upmixing which isn't 'true' surround). Ideas?