5.1 speakers surround problem (z506)


Mar 6, 2014
i yesterday got a new logitech z506 and a have a problem. when i run the test the left rear does not sound anything but only the right rear. when i unplug the right rear then the left rear makes sound. the same problem with the front left and right. the left does not make sound ( in this case i cannot disconnect the right front cause it comes with the serial/ power cable).

Also when i run the test and i simeultanously watch the windows sound mixer window in every produced sound the green bar goes up even if i do not hear anything .

Additional information: motherboard msi ms 7522
drivers installed directly from the msi website.
when i approach my ear to the "prolematic" speakers i can hear some strange noice

Thanks in advance
well first i would check your connections.

-the 5 speaker connections on the back of the sub.. make sure they are plugged in right.
-the 3 wire connections to your motherboard audio or soundcard audio.. make sure they are plugged in right.

do the test.

if you get the same results...

on the rear of the subwoofer flip the left and right sides (Front left to front right and vice versa) and test again

if you get the same results..

if you get the opposite results..

if you have a phone, mp3 player ,etcetera (anything which outputs stereo sound on a 3.5mm plug) plug your speaker 3.5mm into it (for the front then after that try the rears). do you get the same issue?

if yes, repeat after flipping the connections. do you get the same issue or reverse?


i know its alot of tests... but that will help determine if its a speaker problem, wire problem or computer problem.
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