5.1 surround not using center or lower front speakers


Nov 3, 2013
i have setup my 5.1 surround system and it uses the front speakers the sub and the 2 rear speakers but it doesnt seem to want to use the center speaker of the lower 2 speakers that are on the front tower speakers now ive no idea what im doing wrong ive gone into my sound manage and for some reason the configure icon is grayed out there is alot 2 digital output options but only one actually plays sound
the speakers are panasonic btt 460
The tower speakers of your HTiB have a tweeter (top) and two woofers in each. If only one of the two woofers is not working that will not be caused by anything to do with your sources or settings. There seems to be a problem in the speaker system itself (bad woofer or internal connection problem).
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