5.1 troubles in games but not movies


Jan 20, 2015
My computer goes through my home theater system (BH9430PW) through optic. while watching a movie through any source from my computer (netflix, dvd, plex, etc.) i get full 5.1 support. everything sounds nice. but while in a game, any game that supports 5.1 surround i get stereo only. it doesn't detect a 5.1 connection. i have tried forcing 5.1 surround but that does not work. but i did notice that if i use an hdmi cable from my computer to my home theater system then to my tv i get 5.1 surround in my games but i dont want it connected that way. everything else works with 5.1 while connected through optic why cant my games?

i have tried to adjust the settings through audio settings but the settings to set up 5.1 is grayed out (the configure button) but when using hdmi it is not grayed out and i can enable 5.1 surround. ive read that when using optic that it automatically detects how many speakers i got and adjust accordingly. i have seen this work flawlessly when watching movies... but not when playing any video game that supports it.. can someone help me? ive been trying to figure this out going on 2 years now.